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BioPAK Centre in Glasgow

What is a BioPAK centre?

Do you have a popping or clicking jaw? Are you suffering from pain in your face, neck or back? Our clinical care team can help you to solve this problem with our revolutionary BioPaK diagnostic scans.

The BioPAK centre is the first of its kind in Scotland and one of only a handful of centres within the UK. BioPAK Centres provide diagnostic scans to investigate the health of your jaw joint and occlusion. In other words, the way your teeth bite together. Why is it important and what are the key benefits for you? This is of particular importance if you:

  • Have been involved in a road traffic accident.

  • Have experienced any trauma to your face in an accident, injury or assault.

  • Are suffering from pain in your face, neck and back.

  • Suffer from headaches or migraines.

  • Have any ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ or grating in your jaw joint.

  • Experience discomfort in your teeth when you chew.

  • Are considering to have implant or cosmetic dentistry.

Do you suffer from the pain in the neck, face or head?

A very large portion of the population suffer from pain in the head, neck or face. In most cases, the true cause of the pain goes unrecognised and sufferers can be led to prolonged drug regimes and symptoms can progress over time. It is now becoming more recognised within the medical community that most of these conditions are related to the jaw joint. As such we can provide the answer for you and a route to successful treatment through accurate diagnosis.

As a BioPAK Centre, we can provide a comprehensive diagnostic investigation enabling this accurate diagnosis.




A JVA Quick (joint vibration analysis), will accurately determine the condition of your joint in approximately 20 minutes. You will be provided with a verbal report summarising our findings and a recommendation for further action, if indicated.




They way our teeth come together (occlusion) is very important in maintaining stability and good oral health. If the forces when we bite are unevenly balanced, teeth can break, restorations can fail, bone loss and gum recession can also eventually lead to tooth loss. At the BioPAK centre a 20 minute T-scan will assess your bite accurately. This information will help your dentist tailor your treatment plan accordingly and then restore balance and equilibrium to your bite which may include splint therapy.

Medico-legal Report

If your scan provides evidence that your injury has led to permanent damage then we will be happy to prepare a formal medico-legal report suitable for expert-witness submission in legal proceedings. This report will give your Personal Injury Lawyer all the information they need to negotiate an appropriate settlement following your injury from a dental perspective.

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