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Anxious Patient Having Various Dental Treatments

Patient Review of the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow

For many years, I had felt very embarrassed about the condition of my teeth and while I very much wanted to correct my problems, I found it a very hard issue to approach. Previous unpleasant dental treatment experiences had left me feeling very nervous about any treatment and I found it very difficult to talk about it without getting very upset and anxious.

I struggled to find a local London dentist who was interested in taking the time to really listen to my concerns- every previous consultation left me feeling despondent, judged, and even more embarrassed than before. My confidence was lost and the condition of my teeth and how I felt about them affected every part of my working and personal life.

Being put in touch with Dr Gow was a huge turning point. From initial email and telephone conversations, for the first time, I didn’t feel silly for being nervous and was able to be honest about my feelings as I felt that he really understood and cared about treating the whole patient. While I felt anxious about the actual treatment, I started to feel like things would improve. It was a huge relief to be able to just talk about my problems.

At my first one hour consultation, Dr Gow instantly made me feel very welcome and relaxed. He took the time to talk through every area of my fears and concerns, was very reassuring, and made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Having had a lot of dental work done as a teenager, I had become a very anxious patient and found myself surprised when I told him that I didn’t need sedation (something that had been essential in the past). This was totally due to how Dr Gow had made me feel- I didn’t feel out of control, and knew that he would be able to help me cope with it all. I left the clinic after our first meeting feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that I had finally found the right dentist for me. I had no qualms about booking and starting my treatment as soon as possible. It amazed me that I found myself excited about the prospect of getting my teeth fixed and even more, finding myself looking forward to the visit- something I could never imagine myself saying.

Dr Gow’s friendly, warm and understanding approach allowed me to have a large amount of treatment completed over a very short period of time - over a few consecutive days. Previously my anxieties would have caused me to book appointments weeks apart in order for me to pluck up the courage to attend!

The actual treatment was remarkably pain free- I hardly noticed the injections and Dr Gow always checked how I was doing. I felt totally comfortable that I could ask him to stop at any time and that I wasn’t out of control.

A large part of what made me feel nervous with previous dentists was feeling out of control and the feeling of only being treated as a patient, and not a person. Dr Gow changed all this for me too.

Having completed the first stage of my dental treatment that included 2 crowns, 2 veneers, 1 inlay, a root canal treatment and scaling, I couldn’t be happier. The experience has been amazing and in no way unpleasant. I have now a fantastic looking smile and the knowledge that I will have no problems with my future dental treatments. Dr Gow told me that I had done really well and had been a great patient. I can honestly say this was down to him, and not me! I didn’t feel like I had to be ‘brave’. There was just nothing to be worried of and after 20 years of considering myself a nervous patient, as long as Dr Gow is my dentist, it will not be a phrase I ever use about myself!

Dr Gow is a fantastic, caring and understanding dentist and would definitely be the first person I would recommend to friends and family. My only regret is not meeting him sooner! It has taken me at least 10 years to finally address the look and condition of my teeth and it is not an exaggeration to say that meeting and being treated by Dr Mike Gow has been a life changing experience for me. He has helped me feel more confident about myself and fully changed the way I feel about dental treatment forever.

Anxious Patient Before
Anxious Patient After

If you have a dental anxiety or fear contact our dental clinic in Glasgow and book a consulation with the award winning dentist Dr Mike Gow. Our clinical team is fully trained to help patients to overcome their dental fears and phobias. 

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