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Dentist in Glasgow who will help with dental phobia.

Help for Dental Anxiety & Dental Phobia Patients

Help For Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia Patients

Do you have a dental anxiety or fear? Do you feel nervous when you start thinking about traditional dentistry or dental practice? The Berkeley Clinic team appreciates how difficult it can be taking the first steps in tackling your dental fears and phobias. The Berkeley Clinic prides itself on making the whole process and experience as easy as possible. The clinic has been awarded twice for the 'Best Treatment of Nervous Patients' in Dentistry Scotland and Private Dentistry award ceremonies. If you would like to find out more visit our awards page here

How To Contact The Berkeley Clinic?

Simply contact us by telephone, letter or email, stating that you wish a consultation appointment in the anxiety management clinic. If you are emailing or writing, it is useful for you to give your contact telephone number in order that we can contact you and arrange this with you in person.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals of overcoming your fears and being able to have any treatment that you want and need to become pain-free, able to eat, and smile with confidence.

What are the main factors of dental anxiety or phobia?

Fear of dentistry is probably more common that you may have realised. The British Dental Association stated a few years ago that ‘one adult in three has moderate to severe fear of dental procedures’.

At The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, we are well aware of associated emotional factors other than the fear itself. It is common for example for people to have feelings of embarrassment (both of having a dental phobia, and also regarding the current condition of the teeth). Our approach is to always focus on the positives and look forward to what can be done to improve your dental situation. We have a huge amount of respect for every single person who visits the clinic to discuss how their fears can be overcome. We understand that trust must be earned, and look forward to working hard to prove to you that we are worthy of your trust. As you will read in some of the testimonials written by our patients, it can be surprisingly how quickly negative feelings can be overcome following your initial discussions with one of our caring dentists.

Your first visit at The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow

The initial consultation appointment is primarily to give you an opportunity to visit the premises and meet the dentist and other members of the team. This will allow you to make an informed decision about choosing to return to have your dental treatment with us. At your first consultation appointment, you can discuss how you feel, what your goals are, and what the barriers were which prevented you having dental treatment in the past. The dentist would only look at your teeth or take x-rays on the first visit with your express permission for them to do so.

Are you planning your dental care in Glasgow?

During the planning stages- there are essentially two treatment plans to consider. One is the plan for the dental treatment you need to make your mouth healthy, pain-free and to improve your smile etc. The second is the plan for what can be done to reduce your anxiety to allow this treatment to take place. It may take a few visits and some discussion to work out what will suit you the most for each of these plans. Once we know exactly what dental treatment you require, and you know about all of the anxiety management options available for you to choose from, we will be able to move forward and achieve your goals. It is our goal to make the entire process of having dental treatment as easy as possible for you. Your appointments and treatment will always be paced to suit you and how you feel.

By exploring The Berkeley Clinic website you will discover more information about various dental anxiety management options, and some of the modern dentistry techniques we offer. You can also read testimonials written by people who were once in your shoes- and made that simple call which changed their lives for good.

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