10 Amazing Facts About Oral Health

Common Dental Misconception

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It’s National Smile Month from May 16 – June 16th, and what better way to celebrate than with some dental facts?

A smile can be a person’s greatest asset, and keeping our mouths healthy is something we should all spend time and care over of twice daily.

It’s clear dental health is very important to us, with a whopping 60% of people stating they would lose respect for their boss if they had bad oral hygiene. With figures like that, keeping your mouth under good oral care is vital.

We know that most people have a basic grasp of oral hygiene and some facts are widely known, but we’ve sourced some of the most interesting facts we could find in order to give you some amazing oral hygiene information you may have never heard before!

  1. Looking young is something we all hold on to; did you know that is takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile? Why enhance the chance of premature ageing due to a glum face. Show off your sparkling smile instead and keep those frown lines at bay.
  1. Electric toothbrushes will small heads can access the back of your mouth far easier than a manual brush and have proven technology showing a superior clean and effective plaque removal, but did you know 25% of us think they are strictly for lazy users?


  1. We encourage all our patients to brush their tongues when cleaning their teeth as this helps remove bacteria from your mouth, but in actual fact only 50% of us do this as standard when brushing their teeth.
  1. Fluoride works to protect the enamel on your teeth and prevents decay and cavity, we recommend our patients use a fluoride rich toothpaste, but an eye watering 25% of us believe it’s all marketing gimmick despite the scientific evidence pointing to it reducing the risk of cavity by 40%
  1. In a recent survey it was discovered the one thing participants couldn’t live without would be a toothbrush. Here at the Berkeley Clinic we certainly agree.
  1. Failing to upkeep dental hygiene after restorative work including dental implants Glasgow and crowns can lead to these also failing and gum disease developing.


  1. We don’t encourage sharing a toothbrush as it can lead the spread of bacteria – sadly not all of people surveyed think the same, and would gladly swap toothbrushes with their children, partner even their friends!
  1. The tooth fairy is still going strong, and children today now earn an average of £1 for every tooth lost. Though did you know that these 20 teeth tend to fall out in the order that they grew in?
  1. Adults have 32 teeth with the final four wisdom teeth growing in our late teens to early twenties.
  1. The part of the tooth that can be seen is called the “crown” and is covered in hard enamel which protects the inner part of the tooth which is made of dentine, which in turn protects the pulp, where the nerve endings can be found.

Teeth are vital to our overall health, and here at the Berkeley Clinic we pride ourselves on helping care for all your oral hygiene and aesthetic needs.

If you’re suffering from a dental issue contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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