5 Ways To Avoid Stained Teeth

Top Tips To Maintain A Bright Smile

With Hollywood-bright smiles all around us, we cannot help but think about how white our own teeth are. Some teeth can be more porous than others, meaning that there are more prone to staining while eating certain food and drink. They also turn yellow more easily over time. How can this be prevented? At The Berkeley Clinic, we are dedicated to bringing you easy solutions for your dental problems. From the best dentist Glasgow to you, here are 6 ways that you can avoid stained teeth after meals.

1. Avoid Foods that Stain Easily

It may be hard, but avoiding eating the foods that are known as being the worst for staining teeth is the most effective way of avoiding your teeth becoming stained. There is a common list of food and drink that tend to stain teeth, including the following:

  • Coffee
  • Red Wine
  • Food Colouring
  • Blueberries
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Coloured Fizzy Drinks

These are just some of the foods that can cause your teeth to become stained. Coffee addicts, do not fear. There are ways to keep your smile looking more natural if you cannot fathom the idea of a morning without a cup of coffee. (Maybe of us feel the same!)


2. Brush Teeth Regularly

If you eat or drink a staining food item, brush your teeth as soon as possible afterwards. This will help you to remove the majority of the chromogens that will try to stain your teeth. This can be a little more challenging in environments away from home, particularly at work. Take a toothbrush to work with you if possible and brush your teeth after lunch. This will not only help your teeth to stay hygienic and healthy, but the acids and chromogens that are trying to latch on to your teeth will be mostly washed away, leaving your smile without the worst of the stain and with less lasting damage. A healthy routine works wonders! If you are concerned about the health of your teeth, contact your dentist Glasgow today.

3. Drink with Straws


This may sound like a more ‘silly’ tip, but in fact, it is a very efficient way of maintaining healthy teeth. When drinking from a cup, our front teeth will come into contact with the drink. However, when using a straw, the drink bypasses your front teeth to pour straight into the rest of your mouth, avoiding contact with the teeth. Straws, therefore, avoid the problem of drinks such as coffee or fizzy sodas attaching to your teeth. Your teeth will stay protected – and no staining!

4. Rinse Your Mouth

Many of us simply can’t find the time to brush our teeth at work and that is understandable! Busy lifestyles mean a lot has to be forgotten, but looking after your teeth needn’t be one of these things. If you cannot access a toothbrush and a good fluoride toothpaste, do the next best thing – rinse your mouth out with water. Just by taking a glass of water to swirl around the mouth, you can remove some of the harmful residues on your teeth that you may not have thought would be there. You don’t even need to spit out anything – you’re just having a drink of water!

5. Chewing Gum

Some chewing gum can be helpful in removing harmful acids from your teeth. Be careful not to choose a high-sugar gum as this is not good for your teeth. Gum can help to remove the most harmful acids and staining agents from your teeth. Some even have whitening products within, helping to remove stains slowly. It is a great option for cleaning your teeth between meals.

6. Professional Dentist Cleaning


Keeping your teeth clean is the best way of keeping your teeth clean, healthy, and stain-free. Strong teeth can withstand a lot of damage, but you should always visit your dentist Glasgow to ensure that your teeth are properly cared for. Staining can happen to teeth that have weak enamel, and porous teeth, in particular, should be checked. Visit your dentist once every 6 months to make sure your teeth remain healthy and stain-free. Your dentist may also be able to offer professional teeth whitening Glasgow if you want your teeth to have a little perk in their colouring.

The Berkeley Clinic are leading professionals in dentistry and offer a range of cosmetic and hygienic dentistry services. Contact us today for more information about booking a consultation with us.

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