A Lovely Patient Review

Clean Surgery & Safe Surroundings

The Clinic couldn’t really be described as a surgery – it’s clean, more like a salon. It’s very progressive, and the Clinic has brought new teeth repairing techniques to Glasgow, such as 6 week orthodontics and safe ways of removing mercury amalgam fillings. They do this in a very secure setting, and make sure that the patient doesn’t inadvertently breathe in the fumes of their old mercury filling. In the long term, it keeps your mouth clean and safe.

They seem very quick and apt at getting to the source of your oral problems, seeing that the patient is kept in the know at all times on what treatment is best for them. It’s very personal, and their non evasive way of scanning teeth and projecting the results to the patient quickens lengthy, archaic procedures of taking moulds. They also have panic buttons on the side of their chairs so if you are getting a filling or feel uncomfortable in any way, you can stop treatment immediately by turning off the equipment. This gives the patient a feeling of control, which is the idea behind why they put such techniques in place. They run an anxiety workshop to help alleviate your fears even further.

Crowns, veneers and bridges are costly, but the lasting effects seem absolutely excellent. The dentists work alongside the guys who do shows such as Extreme Makeover, so as far as cosmetic dentistry goes they are great at bringing the magic.

Overall, the Berkeley Clinic’s consultations and procedures take you out of the chair and into modern dentistry. My boyfriend received a goodie bag that looked like he’d been away a spa weekend, and his dentist is giving him a diet program to help keep future tooth decay at bay. They are equally as good at helping the patient realise why their teeth are a certain way, and giving them control over fixing the problem.

I have a really bad snaggle tooth and know what it’s like to have a smile that I’m a wee bit embarrassed of. I would give an arm and a leg to get my teeth fixed in here, because as the Clinic outline they know that adults can feel socially insecure if they aren’t proud of their teeth. The professionals here encourage good habits and offer great techniques which can give you a Hollywood smile years before braces can. When I have more money, I’ll stop by the Clinic and swap my fang for some sparkly gnashers, and it’ll be a good day!

Call today to meet our team on – 0141 564 1900 for details on cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic treatments.

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