All You Need To Know About Dental Braces

The Six Month Smiles


Having crooked or poorly spaced teeth can be detrimental to your health and self-esteem, and could make you feel insecure and embarrassed by your smile. Berkeley Clinic, registered orthodontist in Glasgow has the solution to this problem. Our Glasgow dental clinic offers a range of high quality dental treatments including dental braces Glasgow. Our cosmetic braces Glasgow are designed to be effective and efficient, leading to aesthetically pleasing results in just six months.

To help our patients make an informed decision regarding their dental health we created this short guide that contains key information about our dental braces Glasgow service.

1. Metal braces vs. Cosmetic brace

Metal braces are ideal for people suffering from serious or complicated overbite problems, but if your teeth require mild straightening Berkeley’s clear cosmetic braces Glasgow are the better option. Many people find metal braces uncomfortable and cumbersome, especially as they need to be adjusted regularly, which requires a visit to your orthodontist in Glasgow. However, when mild straightening is required cosmetic braces Glasgow are the better option. They are specifically designed to straighten your teeth within as little as six months and as they are clear you do not need to feel self-conscious while wearing them.

2. The Six Month Smiles

Our dental braces Glasgow are part of the Six Month Smiles dental treatment we provide at Berkeley Clinic. This innovative system gently straightens your teeth within a period of six months. Our cosmetic braces Glasgow are ideal for mild straightening of upper and lower teeth alike and are generally less expensive than traditional wire braces. To learn more about the Six Month Smiles service we provide contact Berkeley Clinic. During your initial consultation your cosmetic dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and advice on what options are most suitable for your individual treatment.

3. Cosmetic braces Glasgow for any age

Many people will be glad to know that our cosmetic braces Glasgow dental treatment is suitable for patients at nearly any age. The ideal time for placement of braces is between 10 and 14 years of age. This, however, might be a very sensitive period for a child so discussing these treatments with your child before application of dental braces Glasgow is essential.

But our dental braces Glasgow treatment and the Six Month Smiles service are not just for kids. Anyone who wants to improve their smile and correct minor problems can contact us and make an appointment to identify if dental braces are a suitable dental treatment.

4. Choosing the right type of dental braces


At Berkeley Clinic we offer different types of dental braces Glasgow depending on the individual requirements and preferences of the patients. The most commonly used dental braces are brackets, which come in metal, ceramic or plastic options, and are bonded to the teeth. The lingual (concealed) dental braces are brackets attached to the back of the teeth and hidden from view. The ceramic brackets are usually clear or tooth-coloured which makes them far less noticeable than the metal ones.

A new option available to patients are Inman Aligners. These appliances are clear and customised. They can be removed which prevents food and plaque getting trapped between your teeth. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and is removed for eating, brushing and flossing only. This is a preferred option for adults with mild spacing problems.

Contact Berkeley’s Glasgow dental clinic

Once you decide that dental braces are a treatment you are interested in all you need to do is contact Berkeley’s Glasgow dental clinic. Many of our patients consider us to be the best dentist in Glasgow and benefit from our wide range of dental treatments. When you make an appointment with us our professional team will evaluate the condition of your teeth, suggesting the most suitable type of dental braces Glasgow for you. Then your private dentist in Glasgow will create a customised treatment plan for you. Your cosmetic dentist will let you know what to expect during the treatment, what kind of foods and habits you need to avoid and how to take care of your teeth with braces. We will provide support every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic braces Glasgow.

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