Are You Ready For A Dental Check-Up?

What happens during a dental check-up?

Regular dental check-ups are essential if you want to ensure that your mouth and teeth are in good health and avoid the extra costs associated with getting dental treatments. Dental check-ups are designed to help monitor your dental health and could identify potential health problems early in their development. As a registered orthodontist Glasgow residents have relied on for years, Berkeley Clinic specialises in a range of dental treatments including root canal treatment, ceramic veneers and crowns fitting, dental bridges, teeth whining and others. If you are missing a tooth then our dental implants Glasgow are one of the options available to you. However, many of the dental problems associated with these treatments could be prevented or their development slowed significantly if they are identified on time. That is why regular dental check-ups play a vital part in preserving your good dental health.

What happens during a dental check-up?

Having regular dental check-ups is essential for identifying dental hygiene and dental health problems. The earlier a potential problem is spotted, the better results will be achieved during treatment. At Berkeley we believe that preventive treatment is the best practice and could save you from a lot of dental health problems later on.

When you visit Berkeley Clinic Glasgow for a check-up you will go through a series of procedures to assess your overall dental health. First your teeth, mouth and gums will be thoroughly examined to assess their condition. After that your dentist will ask you questions about your general health, family health history and any issues or problems that you have had since your last check-up. After your dental health has been assessed your orthodontist Glasgow will discuss the treatments that may be required, your options and your next visit. You will also receive advice on your lifestyle and diet, including smoking and alcohol consumption, and how to effectively care for your teeth. This could include advice on proper brushing technique, flossing and others.

How often should you visit your dentist?

The general time frame for dental check-ups is once every six months. However, this is not always the case. Depending on your situation and dental health you might be required to visit your orthodontist Glasgow more often or less often than that. Some people need a check-up more than once in six months, while others will visit every 12 to 24 months. Your dentist can advise you on how often your will need to have a check-up.

Are you suffering from dental anxiety?

If you are suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia then you are not alone. According to research between 13-24% of the world’s population is affected by these conditions. Dental anxiety can take the form of a slight unease while you are waiting for your appointment to panic attacks and strong phobia. As a result many people avoid visiting their dentist until it is absolutely necessary or avoid visiting even if they have a significant dental problem. This of course could lead to complications and make the visit to the dentist even more stressful.

At Berkeley Clinic Glasgow we understand that dental anxiety and phobia are serious issues and we aim to help our patients to overcome them. We have a range of dental practices including sedation and hypnosis that can help you relax during your treatment. We have received numerous awards for “Best Treatment of Nervous Patients” in the past couple of years and we are looking forward to helping more patients to overcome their fear.

Berkeley Clinic Glasgow

If you are looking for quality dental treatments and check-ups then Berkeley Clinic is the cosmetic dentist Glasgow you need. Our extensive range of treatments and services, together with our professional team and the numerous awards we have received make us one of the best dental clinics in Glasgow. For more information on our services contact us.

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