The First clinic In Scotland To Offer The Dental Button

Dental Anxiety Experts

The Berkeley Clinic is the first practice in Scotland to offer the ‘dental button’- a device which literally gives control to the patient. By pushing a button, patients can stop the power supply to the dentist’s hand piece and therefore immediately stop dental treatment at any time.

The team at the Berkeley Clinic are continually striving to offer the best possible care for people who suffer from dental anxiety. We understand how difficult it can be for many people to even hear the word ‘dentists’. Dr. Mike Gow uses various phobia management techniques to help with these fears and it is very common that our patients who visit us with dental anxiety, eventually are completely released of their fears.

If you suffer from dental fear please arrange a consultation with Dr Michael A. Gow BDS (Gla) MSc Hyp (Lon)
President of The British Society of Medical & Dental Hypnosis (Scotland)

Winner of:
‘Best Young Dentist- Scotland 2008’- The Dentistry Awards.
‘Best Young Dentist- UK 2008’- The Dentistry Awards.

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