Glasgow Dentist Presents To Leading Hypnotherapists

Furthering Awareness & Research Of Dental Phobia

Mike Gow, who is in charge of treating anxious and phobic dental patients at The Berkeley Clinic successfully presented to the world’s leading hypnotherapists in Rome today.  Mike (pictures below with Dabney Ewin and Michael Yapko) made a presentation on phobia management in dentally anxious patients.  He drew upon his vast experience on the subject with his lecture being well received by all of the delegates.

Michael’s passion in dentistry is helping those patients that are either embarrassed, anxious or very scared about undergoing dental treatment.  He uses a tailor made approach to each patient’s individual needs.  He regularly lectures on this subject both in the UK and internationally helping raise awareness of this very real problem.

Mike Gow with world famous hypnotherapist Dr. Dabney Ewin

Mike Gow with Dr Michael Yapko

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