Jamie in Germany

CEREC meets CT Scanning event.

Dr Jamie Newlands has be invited to the Sirona Head quarters in Germany at the end of next month to attend the CEREC meets CT Scanning event.

CEREC as a scanning and in-house milling system for tooth restorations is now being linked with CT scanners which detail the structure, dimensions and quality of the bone. Using both techniques in synergy means that implant cases are more streamlined and they are ultimately more accurate. This is a great benefit for patients and dentists alike.

Dr Newlands is already leading the way as far as dental technology is concerned. He currently has restored thousands of cases using the cerec system and he believes the new link between CT scanners and Cerec is a major step forward for implant cases.

The event will be showcasing the new system and the Berkeley Clinic is looking forward to being the first dentist in Scotland to implement this new system.

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