Jamie Newlands Demonstrates a same day smile design

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Jamie Newlands, The Clinical Director of The Berkeley Clinic has just returned from a very successful two day Hands on training course in beautiful Orkney.  He was delighted to be chosen by Earls Palace Private Dental Clinic to teach and demonstrate cutting edge smile makeover solutions and techniques to some of the North of Scotland’s most talented dentists.  The two day course saw him successfully makeover one of the clinic staffs teeth using a combination of ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns and tooth whitening.  Along with demonstrating the important steps and techniques in designing someone new smile Jamie Newlands also called upon the help of  Jawscan Scotland Director David Devine in helping balance the patients smile and bite.  This helps ensure that the veneers and crowns last a long time and that the patient can chew and eat comfortably.

The event was a total success with all the dentists who attended having a great time and taking a lot away from the teaching.  Dr. John Barry (Chief Executive of The Dental Plan UK Ltd) who organised the event has already rebooked Jamie to return in early 2010 to carry out another hands on training course.

Jamie is committed to bringing the latest, most effective and long lasting cosmetic techniques to Scotland, helping keep it at the forefront of world dentistry.

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