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Patient Cures Dental Phobia With Hypnotherapy

Dr Mike receives a lovely review.

I am a 64 year old male (still with all my own teeth) and I have never had a problem with visiting the dentist until recently. About a year ago I suddenly developed a phobia with having work done in my mouth and I became really nervous in the dentist’s chair. It was so bad that I nearly gave the dentist a bad bite to make him stop and on another occasion I actually decided that I was going home and left the chair just as my treatment was starting. Luckily I have a very patient and understanding dentist but I had to get myself sorted out. I was recommended to the Berkeley Clinic and Mike gave me a call and arranged an appointment. One extended hypnotherapy session cured my phobia and allowed me to complete my treatment with my dentist which was replacing all my old fillings. I had an extended session as Mike wanted to find out why I had suddenly developed my phobia and during the hypnotherapy an underlying personal problem came to light. It seems I had been unconsciously carrying this problem around with me for nearly 30 years and I have now been unburdened from it. My life is now much happier, so from me it is a big double thanks to Mike. So remember dental fear can strike at any age but dental hypnotherapy can really help to relieve it. And it’s painless.

Best Regards,
Nat  Griffiths

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