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Do you have dental anxiety?

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The Power of Placebo

BBC Horizon CDDo you have a dental anxiety or fear? Would you like to overcome it and have any dental treatment in comfort? Have you ever heard about the benefits of dental hypnosis? Well, the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow can help you.

Earlier on this year Dr Mike Gow has been featured on the BBC Horizon documentary ‘The Power of Placebo’ and BBC Radio 5. He has demonstrated his abilities to extract teeth without local anaesthetic. Dr Gow used dental hypnosis instead. You can see the video with Mike here.

What is dental hypnosis and how can it help you? Dental hypnosis is used to reduce dental anxiety, discomfort, and even can help to control pain. It is especially beneficial when the patient doesn’t want or can’t take a local anaesthetic during his dental treatment. Through the years Dr Mike Gow has adapted and developed a wide variety of hypnotherapy techniques to help anxious or phobic dental patients. Hypnosis is an extremely valuable tool that helps to make dental treatment experience more comfortable and relaxing.

Recently BBC Horizon has released a CD about the power of human’s mind and hypnotherapy. We would like to thank BBC Horizon team for sending us a CD!

Dr Mike Gow says: ‘Many thanks again to the team at BBC Horizon. It was great to work with them and have the opportunity to demonstrate some of what is possible with hypnosis on national television’.

If you have a dental anxiety or fear don’t hesitate to contact Dr Mike Gow and the Berkeley Clinic on 0141 564 1900.

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Dr Mike Gow Is Featured On BBC Horizon Documentary

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

MikeThe Power Of Placebo

Are you looking for a highly experienced dentist who could help you to manage your dental anxiety, fears and phobias? Would you like to finally overcome your fear of a dentist and be able to have a beautiful and healthy smile? Dr Mike Gow has been working with nervous patients from all over the world with various problems and levels of dental anxiety.

Dr Mike Gow has received a number of prestigious dental industry awards including ‘Best Young Dentist UK’, ‘Outstanding Individual of the Year’ and ‘Best Treatment of Nervous Patients’. Recently he has been featured on the BBC Horizon documentary ‘The Power of Placebo’ and BBC Radio 5. Dr Gow demonstrated that it is possible to extract teeth without local anaesthetic, but instead just using dental hypnosis. Yes, just hypnosis and no local anaesthetic! You can read about it in the Sun Newspaper or watch a full documentary. Mike has appeared on BBC documentaries before where he has used dental hypnosis to place dental implants. You can watch a short video of the procedure here. 

Mike has spent many years training to help people manage their dental anxieties and overcome their biggest dental fears. In the year of 2009 he was voted 6th most influential dentist in the UK by readers of ‘Dentistry’ magazine. Dr Gow is committed to providing highest level of care to the patients of the Berkeley Clinic and helping them to overcome their dental fears and phobias. If you would like to find out more about Dr Gow or know anyone who could benefit from his experience and skills visit his website Book a consultation today on 0141 564 1900.

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