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10 Amazing Facts About Oral Health

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Common Dental Misconception

Correct-your-Teeth-Brushing-Routine- Berkeley Clinic

It’s National Smile Month from May 16 – June 16th and what better way to celebrate than with some dental facts? A smile can be a person’s greatest asset, and keeping our mouths healthy is something we all spend time and care over of twice daily. It’s clear dental health is very important to us, with a whopping 60% of people stating they would lose respect for their boss if they had bad oral hygiene. With figures like that, keeping your mouth under good oral care is vital. (more…)

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Most Common Symptoms Of Dental Health Problems

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

6 Symptoms Which Indicate Poor Oral health


Very often people fail to identify a dental health problem by the time it has developed into a serious issue. This usually leads to the condition worsening and as a result the dental treatment required is more aggressive and more expensive. (more…)

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Dentistry Top 50

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Uk’s Best Dentists

We discovered recently that some of the dentists at the Berkeley Clinic have again been entered on the option list for the ‘Dentistry Top 50’ this year. (Mike Gow, Jamie Newlands and David Dunlop).

There are some great names in the list this year and you can also vote for people who aren’t on the list.

Please do have a look and consider voting for us somewhere in your top 10 if you think any of us deserve to be in there!

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You MUST vote for 10 people to make your vote count.-


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