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The Latest Technological Developments in Cosmetic Dentistry

Monday, October 5th, 2015

What types of cosmetic dentistry exist?


As any other industry the Cosmetic Dentistry is strongly affected by all technological developments. Not surprisingly, any new technology that enables the easier, more efficient and more effective execution of dental procedures is of crucial importance to all dental practitioners. (more…)

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Jamie in Germany

Friday, April 30th, 2010

CEREC meets CT Scanning event.

Dr Jamie Newlands has be invited to the Sirona Head quarters in Germany at the end of next month to attend the CEREC meets CT Scanning event.

CEREC as a scanning and in-house milling system for tooth restorations is now being linked with CT scanners which detail the structure, dimensions and quality of the bone. Using both techniques in synergy means that implant cases are more streamlined and they are ultimately more accurate. This is a great benefit for patients and dentists alike.

Dr Newlands is already leading the way as far as dental technology is concerned. He currently has restored thousands of cases using the cerec system and he believes the new link between CT scanners and Cerec is a major step forward for implant cases.

The event will be showcasing the new system and the Berkeley Clinic is looking forward to being the first dentist in Scotland to implement this new system.

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Dentistry in 3D

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

3M ESPE LAVA Oral Scanner

Dr. Cool….. We mean of course Dr. Jamie Newlands has a new pair of shades, and a big smile to match as he receives the only LAVA COS scanner in the UK. The scans can be viewed in 3D to give the dentist and patient an enhanced view for more accurate results.

Jamie was chosen by 3M ESPE to be the first dentist to have and launch the new LAVA Chair side Oral Scanner in the UK. This is exciting times for both dentists and patients of the clinic as we strive to provide the best treatments available and utilise the latest technologies. It’s also a real achievement for Scotland that a Glasgow dentist is at the top of the tree when it comes to digital dentistry.  Outstanding results and happy patients are what make The Berkeley Clinic stand out from the rest when it comes to choosing your cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Jamie Newlands with Barry Chidlow (LAVA Specialist Trainer UK) and Marika Chidlow (LAVA Trainer Europe).

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Dr Jamie Newlands shares his expertise on restorative dentistry

Sunday, May 17th, 2009


Dr. Jamie Newlands will be the main event at the 3M Espe Restorative Dentistry meeting in Glasgow this August held at the Crowne Plaza. Jamie is regarded as the most high tech dentist using the latest technologies to achieve amazing results in cosmetic dentistry.

Continual advances are being made in the field of dental materials and techniques. To help dentists stay ahead of the changes, 3M ESPE developed the Expertise brand of educational programs. Expertise programs allow a two-way exchange of knowledge and information between clinical researchers, material scientists and dental professionals. Dr. Jamie Newlands has been chosen by 3M to demonstrate techniques using the new LAVA chairside oral scanner and the digital workflow.

For dentists interested in this seminar you can register online at

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Global Symposium on Digital Dentistry

Monday, May 5th, 2008

LAVA COS digital impression system

2008 saw Jamie Newlands become the only Scottish Dentist and the youngest Dentist to be invited to 3M Espe’s global symposium on Digital Dentistry. The event saw 140 leading dentists invited to the 3M innovation centre in St. Paul Minnesota for three days of ground breaking lectures, research presentations and debating. The aim of the symposium was to help shape the future of dentistry through the use of advancing technologies. It also showcased the first live demonstration of the LAVA COS digital impression system.

Dr. Newlands was honoured to be invited and following on from the event Jamie has been chosen to receive the first LAVA COS system in the UK. He is due to launch it in The Berkeley Clinic in 2009.

Below is our very own Dr. Jamie Newlands with Dr. Francois Duret Godfather of CADCAM Dentistry.

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