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Understanding TMJ – Berkeley Clinic Glasgow

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Commonly Associated Symptoms

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your lower jaw to the skull. TMJ syndrome is pain and discomfort in the jaw joint that can be caused by a whole host of medical problems.

Although many sufferers of the syndrome note a popping or clicking sound as first evidence of the condition, others suffer from more pronounced and painful symptoms.

Common Symptoms of TMJ

Many sufferers of temporomandibular joint syndrome have more than one symptom. Sometimes, these symptoms can be as simple as a minor clicking or popping sensation in the jaw joint. Other times, individuals may experience more pronounced pain in the head, neck and shoulders.

As the condition becomes more painful and difficult to live with, individuals may experience more intense pain in the teeth when biting, headaches and migraines and sore muscles in the face and jaw while chewing. There are more visible symptoms to watch out for as well, including limited movement of the jaw, along with physical identifiers like the way the teeth meet when the jaw is clenched.

Causes of TMJ Injury to the jaw or temporomandibular joint can lead to TMD. These injuries can range in severity, from a knock to the head to regularly clenching the jaw in an improper way.

Essentially, any disruption to a healthy motion of the jaw can lead to locking or persistent pain. The balance of the teeth and jaw system needs to be healthy and maintained, otherwise individuals stand a strong chance of developing TMD.

If you are experiencing symptoms and don’t go to your dentist to get checked and treated, then you risk worsening the problem. This can heighten your levels of discomfort and can result in the progression of more serious conditions.

Expert Diagnosis at the BioPAK Centre

The Berkeley Clinic offers an innovative solution in the diagnosis of TMJ. At the BioPAK Centre, we offer an intensive and comprehensive way to investigate the health of your jaw and teeth and how they bite together.

If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident or suffered a serious injury to your face, suffer from regular pain in the back, neck and face, suffer from headaches or migraines or experience discomfort in the teeth when chewing, our diagnostic centre offers a reliable way of identifying the presence of serious TMJ disorders.

We can use JVA (joint vibration analysis) to determine the condition of your jaw joint in as little as 20 minutes. If we note any issues, we’ll provide recommendations for further actions.

If you’ve noticed that your teeth aren’t clenching together correctly, a T-scan is another option. At the BioPAK Centre, we can arrange a T-scan to properly assess your bite accurately, providing you with a fantastic foundation for tailored dentist treatment to restore balance to your bite.

If your scan identifies that an injury has led to damage your jaw, we can provide you with a medico – legal report that can be used in legal proceedings. This is particularly useful for those looking for settlement with a Personal Injury Lawyer and provides a reliable dental perspective for your case.

Other ways to manage your TMJ pain

It is also important to note that there are certain exercises for TMJ pain relief you can do at home to help ease any pain caused by TMJ. These exercises are thought to relax the jaw, strengthen jaw muscles and reduce jaw clicking. They involve moving your jaw joints in certain ways, our expert clinicians can advise the best exercises for you.

Mouth guards can also be used to prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching and also to help realign your jaw. Additionally, you can take ibuprofen or hold warm towels or ice against the area, to help relieve the pain.

Book an Appointment Today

Looking to book a consultation to get to the bottom of your TMJ problems? Book an appointment with the team at the Berkeley Clinic today. Call us to book a consultation on 0141 564 1900, or drop us an email via the online enquiry form.

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Managing Bruxism With The Berkeley Dental Clinic

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Teeth Grinding CD

Clenching & Grinding Teeth

Do you tend to grind your teeth? Have you noticed your loved one grinding teeth at night? Teeth grinding or bruxism can affect anyone and cause a number of problems including sleep disorders, stress, migraines, earaches pain in shoulders, back, neck and other types of pain.

Studies have suggested that people are often unaware that they grind their teeth and that in a number of occasions it happens during the night.

If you tend to grind your teeth you are at risk of developing Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD). TMD can cause clicking or locking of the jaw joint and heavily wear down your teeth.

Would you like to stop clenching or grinding your teeth?

Dr Mike Gow has recorded a special CD that can help you to stop clenching and grinding your teeth. The audio lasts for 60 minutes and helps you to relax and think positively and control your mind.

Dr Gow is a well-known dentist from Glasgow and a highly trained and experienced dental hypnotherapist. He has helped a number of people from all over the country and abroad to overcome their teeth grinding and dental anxiety problems. If you would like to find out more about Mike you can visit his website.

You can purchase CD on eBay for as little as £15 and start changing your teeth grinding habits right away.

If you would like to find out more about teeth grinding or our dental clinic in Glasgow contact us on 0141 564 1900.

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Jawscan Scotland At The Berkeley Clinic

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Craniofacial Pain & Disorders Of The Jaw Joint.

Jawscan is our new area of expertise at The Berkeley Clinic. We have invested in the latest of diagnostic equipment and training for the treatment of craniofacial pain and disorders of the jaw joint. The accurate assessment of the condition of our patients bite and how the teeth function, as well as the condition of the jaw joint are all vital when planning restorative dental treatments.

With 26% of the population suffering from pain or discomfort in the head, neck, and back, as well as clicking or locking jaws. Accurate diagnosis is the first essential step to successful treatment.

“This is an exciting time for the team here at The Berkeley Clinic. We are now the only centre in Scotland to offer sufferers of TMD and craniofacial pain an accurate diagnosis, as well as a straight road to successful treatment. Its wonderful to see the difference that we are making to patients who have previously been round the block with little or no success….we can give them the answers. As well as the benefits to patients suffering TMD, the level of accuracy the new equipment brings to our dentistry is simply quite astonishing”


David Devine (Director, Jawscan Scotland)

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