8 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Advice From Professional Dentists

As professional dentists, we are always looking for ways to help our patients keep their teeth strong and healthy. The healthier your teeth are, the less you have to worry about future visits to your dental clinic Glasgow for any work that needs to be done. Many people worry about the expenses associated with dentistry but if you establish a healthy oral hygiene routine, you will find that the costs of dentistry will be minimal. Keeping your teeth healthy is easy and we have 8 helpful tips for you to keep your teeth in top condition.

1.     Regularly Brush Your Teeth


The main way to keep your teeth healthy will always be by brushing and all dentists will recommend the same to you. Brushing the teeth removes harmful plaque and bacteria from the surface of your teeth. Damage to the enamel of your teeth cannot be reversed. The enamel around your teeth is their natural defence against the sugars and acids that you consume on a daily basis. If it is weakened, cavities are more likely to occur. In England alone, a 2013 study by the Children’s Dental Health Survey found that 46% of 15-year-olds had decay in their teeth. To avoid this problem, brushing your teeth at least twice daily is recommended.

2.     Reduce Sugar Intake


Keeping an eye on your diet is important for your overall health. We know that eating too much oily and fatty food can contribute to weight gain and coronary conditions, but many people ignore the effects of sugars and acids on their teeth as many dental problems are not able to be seen at first. Even if you think you are eating a healthy grapefruit, there are hidden dangers for your teeth. Another study found that the acid in grapefruit juice was far more damaging than that of orange juice to the enamel. Reduce the amount of sugar and acid in your diet and keep your enamel strong.

3.     Eat More Enamel Strengthening Foods

There are ways to ensure that your enamel remains strong against the effects of acid and sugar. Different foods contain properties known to strengthen enamel. Dairy products contain calcium and phosphorous, which are great for encouraging remineralisation of enamel and strengthening it. What’s more, your mouth produces more saliva, encouraging a self-cleaning process in the mouth that removes a little of the bacteria from the surface of the teeth. Saliva also balances your mouth’s pH level, neutralising the acidity from food to reduce acid damage.

4.     Drink Tea


This is one of the favourite steps for us Brits – drinking tea! Tea leaves are naturally high in antioxidants that we know are healthy for us, but very few people know that tea actually contains fluoride. Fluoride is commonly found in toothpaste to help with the prevention of damage to enamel and with the added benefit of polyphenol in tea, there is even less chance of plaque adhering to the surface of your teeth. Green tea is the best source of antioxidants and fluoride, so go ahead and treat yourself! (Just make sure you don’t use sugar.)

5.     Flossing

Dentists cannot stress enough the importance of flossing in your dental routine. The bristles of your toothbrush very rarely make it between each tooth. The space is so small that this would be difficult to achieve with every brush. Dental floss is made to slip easily between the teeth and clean away any residue or food that could otherwise cause damage. Thinking about the surface of a tooth, almost 40% is pressed against other teeth, so flossing your teeth is important for overall tooth and gum health.

6.     Visit Your Dentist for a Professional Clean


Above all, always make sure you visit a dental health professional. Your dental practice Glasgow can offer a range of services including an advanced clean. This helps to remove the plaque that your toothbrush cannot remove while also working to prevent small cavities becoming larger or big enough to require root canal treatment. Any treatment you need will be offered then and there to make sure your teeth remain as healthy as possible. Don’t hesitate – book an appointment with your dentist Glasgow today.

7.     Rinse With Water

Much like the way saliva helps to remove bacteria from your teeth, a quick rinse around your mouth with water is a great way to remove some of the acids and bacteria building up in your mouth. If you cannot brush your teeth anywhere in public or at work, simply carry a bottle of water, take a sip, and let it wash over your teeth for a quick solution.

8.     Protect Your Teeth With Veneers

veneers dentist in glasgow

Not happy with your teeth? Or do you simply want to keep them looking healthy while protecting your real teeth underneath? Our dental veneers Glasgow could be the solution for you. Expertly fitted for your teeth in both size and colour, you will have the best cover for your teeth. Made of porcelain or ceramic, your veneers will be suited to your mouth, and will help protect your teeth from any damage while always looking perfect in your smile.

For any orthodontist Glasgow, cosmetic dentistry Scotland, or dental veneers Glasgow, contact The Berkeley Clinic for a professional consultation.

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