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Preserving good oral hygiene becomes very easy when you have good guidance to follow. That is why Berkeley Clinic, a registered orthodontist Glasgow, created this short list of steps to help all our current and potential patients maintain good oral hygiene. It is important to understand what the causes of teeth decay are before we list the steps to eliminating them and one of the most significant causes is plague.

What is plague?

Plaque is a sticky layer of material that accumulates on the teeth and contains bacteria that can harm the enamel and lead to teeth decay. It is caused by all the foods we consume such as sugary foods, bread, crackers, and cereal for example. Plague can also irritate the gums and cause redness, sensitivity and bleeding, leading to gum disease. So how can you get rid of the plague and ensure you have a good oral hygiene?

1. Brush your teeth

The first and most important thing to do daily to maintain good oral hygiene is proper brushing. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day in order to keep them clean and to prevent the building up of acid. When you are brushing your teeth you should position the bristles at a 45 degree angle near the gum line ensuring that both the gum line and the tooth are in contact with them. Move the brush back and forth, up and down gently in short strokes. Brush the outer and inner tooth surfaces and all teeth chewing surfaces. You can use the tip of the brush to clean the inside surface of the front teeth with up-and-down motion.

2. Clean your tongue

When you finish brushing your teeth brush the surface of your tongue. By doing this daily you remove countless bacteria that can cause bad breath and negatively affect your overall dental health.

3. Floss daily

We often forget to floss after we have brushed our teeth, however, flossing is an important activity that can help remove food particles and other substances that brushing and mouthwash on their own cannot. Through flossing you reach deep between your teeth and ensure that all food particles are removed. When flossing break off about 18 inches of floss and wind it around your middle fingers. Hold it tightly between your thumbs and forefingers and guide it between your teeth in a gentle rubbing motion. Once you reach the gum line, curve the floss into a C shape against the tooth. Slide it in between the gum and tooth and bring back towards the contact point between the teeth. Repeat on all teeth and do not forget to floss at least once a day.

4. Use mouthwash

Mouthwash is not a necessary addition to your daily routine but can be very useful. The mouth washes that contain chlorine dioxide can help to kill and maintain the bacteria in your mouth. They also help maintain good breath and strong teeth, however, they cannot replace brushing, flossing and a good diet.

5. Avoid tobacco

Avoiding tobacco will save you from oral cancer and periodontal complications. Tobacco also gets stuck to the teeth and causes discolouring and damaging of the enamel which can lead to further complications.

6. Limit coffee, sodas and alcohol

Drinks like coffee, sodas and alcohol have high level of phosphorous which can deplete the body’s level of calcium. They also contain acids and sugars which cause dental hygiene problems, tooth decay, tooth discolouring and gum disease.

7. Consume calcium and other vitamins

Do not forget that calcium and vitamins can help keep your teeth healthy. Drink milk and consume dairy products as part of your diet to ensure that your bones and teeth are strong. Remember that Vitamin B, C and D can improve your overall health and protect your gums and teeth from cracking and bleeding.

8. Visit your dentist

Visit your dentist at least twice a year to have a check-up and any necessary hygiene treatments performed. These appointments are essential in ensuring that your teeth are in good health so do not miss them.

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Follow these 8 simple steps and your teeth will be well-protected and taken care of. If, however, you are looking for teeth whitening Glasgow, dental implants Glasgow or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure Berkeley Clinic can help. As a registered orthodontist Glasgow we offer a range of high quality dental treatments delivered by our professional and experienced team. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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