Which is Best: Dentures or Dental Implants?

The Berkeley Clinic In Glasgow Will Sort You Out

When we lose teeth, it can have a very negative impact on our own self-esteem. We are all reliant upon our mouths for talking day to day, and as our faces are a focus of much of other people’s attention, we are very much interested in being able to keep ourselves looking at our best. Smiling is natural, and we love to smile, but if something were to happen to our teeth to negatively impact on our smiles, we could suffer from the sudden loss of self-esteem that is common among those with tooth loss.

You do not have to live with these feelings forever. Your dentist Glasgow has some of the best solutions available to patch up any spaces between teeth or completely replace entire mouths of teeth if necessary. No matter what your situation, find out whether you would be better suited to dentures or dental implants today.



Choosing to use dentures is a brave first step towards getting your smile back to winning ways. They provide an easy, surgery-free way of closing up spaces between teeth. They are particularly good for older people who may not wish to undergo surgery, or those who have weakened jaw bones. Pay attention to why the tooth was lost. If it was becoming weak in the root and naturally fell out, your jaw should be fine, but there could be problems including weakened bone structure that has an effect on your teeth in the long run.

The United States ‘boasts’ numbers that indicate up to 70% of adults aged between 35 to 45 years are missing at least one tooth due to a variety of reasons. Many patients come to the Berkeley Clinic with tooth loss due to accidents, though some also arrive in the later stages of periodontal disease. This can also weaken the jaw, and as such, you may need to consider dentures as one of the only other options that isn’t dental implants.

Our dentures are made of acrylic resins, though we have other materials available to craft your perfect denture if this does not suit. Dentures are held in place without obtrusion, simply being sucked onto the gum when worn and held there – though some may need to use a fixing agent to keep the denture in place when eating more testing foods. Be careful, though. Some people can complain of a little irritation to the gum, so be sure to wear properly and clean thoroughly after use to prevent infection or gum disease again.

Dentures are able to last as long as your gums remain the same size. They begin to shrink with age, and you may need replacements a few times, but do not be put off – dentures are a quick, painless solution for anybody looking for a great tooth loss solution.

Dental Implants in Glasgow


On the other hand, dental implants Glasgow are a much more permanent solution for tooth loss. Every year in the States, 500,000 more people will have dental implants fitted – an exceptionally large number of people for any medical procedure! With a quick rise in sugary drinks, there is small wonder why our teeth are growing weaker.

A dental implant is as its name suggests. A titanium ‘root’ is drilled into the jawbone, secured, and a false tooth is attached to this root. It is unable to move when eating, does not need to be removed, and if cared for properly can serve up to a lifetime. Implants are a popular choice due to these facts and that they are able to be customised more easily to your mouth. Each tooth is made of porcelain or ceramic and is coloured to suit your natural teeth, ensuring that even when you have your implant fitted, nobody will be able to tell the difference unless you tell them it’s not real!

Choosing dental implants Glasgow is a permanent solution to your tooth loss problems that is, in the long run of wear, far more comfortable than dentures. Minimal care is great for those of us who are busy and cannot afford too many days off for trips to the orthodontist Glasgow, and having no fear of our missing teeth solutions falling out will only help to improve all-around wellbeing for the wearer of the implants.

Teeth implants Glasgow make a great aesthetic dental solution, but they are also more important for people who may have more chronic tooth loss. It is important that we ensure our teeth are placed correctly to help with our eating. Improper care of our teeth can lead to issues with eating and lead to potential weight loss and other health problems. Dental implants fill out hollow cheeks, and allow you to be able to chew correctly again.

Choose the Solution that is Right for You

It is up to you which you choose for your mouth. Cosmetic dentures Glasgow and dental implants both make valuable additions to your dental solutions, but it is up to you which you choose. At the Berkeley Clinic, your first choice of dentists Glasgow, we have a lot of information to share on the dental procedures you can choose from. The best choice is for you to make.

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