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Berkeley Clinic Glasgow Brace Procedures


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Before braces glasgow case study success


braces glasgow case study success after








This patient had severe crowding in his upper front teeth, which made it difficult for him to clean his teeth and prevented him from smiling. To correct this overcrowding case, Invisible clear braces glasgow were used.


braces glasgow case study two before


braces glasgow case study two after 

In this case, the patient was presented with a gap between her upper front teeth. Invisalign clear braces glasgow were again used to align her teeth and close the gap.  


braces glasgow case study three before

Afterbraces glasgow case study three after 

This patient was very self-conscious about her crooked teeth.  To correct and perfect her smile, metal adult braces Glasgow were used. 

How do crooked or overcrowded teeth affect my oral health? 

Apart from affecting your confidence, crooked or overcrowded teeth can also have a big impact on your oral health. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to keep clean and bacteria from food can become trapped between them, resulting in a build-up of plaque. Excess plaque can damage your teeth and gums which can eventually lead to tooth decay, cavities and even gum disease. 

How can Braces help? 

Besides perfecting and straightening your smile, our straight teeth solutions will make your teeth easier to clean, thus improving your oral health.  Braces can also fix many bite issues, alleviating problems such as TMJ.

Getting adult braces in Glasgow is the best possible solution to many issues. If you are looking for speedy straight teeth solutions, we also offer six-month smiles at the Berkeley Clinic.



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