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Anxious patient having CEREC

A Case Study On Anxious Patients

The below is a case study of a patient of The Berkeley Clinic.

I had not been to the dentist in over eighteen years due to a bad experience when younger. Over the past two or three years I knew I should visit the dentist as I had suffered some tooth ache, but I suffer from anxiety and panic attack's and just couldn’t face it and kept putting it off. I had watched a television program featuring Mike Gow and thought it was great that there was someone that understood and had the time and skills to work with people that have such a great fear and suffer these kind of reactions.

After I lost part of a tooth while eating, I finally made an appointment. At my first visit I was in tears but Mike re-assured me that it was fine to cry, and that lots of people did. He had plenty of tissues at hand. It was my choice if I wanted to sit in the dentist chair, after a discussion on my fears and problems I had with my teeth I decided that I would. Mike made sure everything went at my pace and talked through everything he would do. It was decided I would probably need three cerec inlays in my back teeth and a new white filling at front to help improve the cosmetic look. After my visit I felt a lot more confident about going back although still slightly nervous about the injections. It was great how much time was spent with me, the fact I never felt rushed and that it was all about making sure I was comfortable with things. On my second visit I was much more confident. The plan was to do one cerec inlay and possibly the front filling. Once again everything was taken at my pace and well explained. When it came to the injection, I can honestly say that I didn’t feel it at all! It was un-believable! I had one tooth scanned and the cerec inlay fitted. It was then discussed that it was possible to do the opposite side at same time, which I happily went ahead with. In fact, I ended up getting all my work done in one visit! This included three cerec inlays, one filling, (four injections!) and scale and polish. I can say that proudly and with a smile on my face.

If I had never heard about the work Mike Gow does, I would probably still have a painful mouth and chipped tooth. The work he does is so important and it's so great to have someone who understand and can work with and round your condition. He is deserving of the award of ‘Best Young Dentist’ because of the time and dedication to his clients and the caring service he provides. My teeth are great now and I have had no problems with them since the treatment. I am looking forward to my six month check up which I feel proud to be able to go to now!

Anxious case with chip
Chipped Tooth
anxious case with cerec
Cerec Inlay Reconstruction

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