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CEREC Case Study with Safe Removal of Amalgam

Are you considering amalgam removal? Do you wonder if you have mercury sensitivity from your amalgam fillings? Are you worried about the removal process and how it will look after completion? The above photographs are taken before and after the removal of amalgam fillings from one of our patients. You can see the new CEREC inlay in the image on the left. This is commonly known as a white filling. Safe amalgam removal is something we take very seriously at the Berkeley Clinic. All amalgam removal is carried out by our expert cosmetic dentistry team at the Berkeley Clinic.

With Old Amalgam Filling
Old Amalgam Filling
With New Cerec Inlay
New Cerec Inlay

What Is Cerec Fillings?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical restoration of Esthetic Ceramic or CEramic REConstruction. CEREC is the use of CAD/CAM technology to take impressions quickly and produce a filling that will fit to your tooth with precision.

Why Use CEREC for Amalgam Removal?

CEREC is the most convenient technology for placing a crown, inlay, or onlay. With CEREC you can have all of these procedures carried out and complete in the same day. Without CEREC these treatments would require at least two appointments.

Before and After Amalgam Removal

CEREC restorations are far more durable than amalgam fillings. This means that your CEREC filling will last much longer than alternative methods. Plus, your CEREC fillings will be much less noticeable than amalgam fillings. As you can see from the after image above, you can’t even tell that the tooth has been restored.

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