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Dental Implant FAQ Glasgow

What can dental implants do to transform a smile?

“Before my new implant smile I had loose painful teeth and a partial denture that I hated.  Now I can smile and eat with confidence.  The pain is gone and I am a happier more confident person again!”

 Dental implants glasgow results

“Before my new implant smile I had loose painful teeth and a partial denture that I hated.  Now I can smile and eat with confidence.  The pain is gone and I am a happier more confident person again!”

Dental implants glasgow results

How much do dental implants cost at The Berkeley Clinic?

As with any customised piece of work no two patients are the same.  We can however give you an indication of cost.  We offer single advanced dental implants with a final crown from £2,390.  If you needed a full jaw of teeth then we can do this starting from £9,990 for a full jaw of implants with a full set of teeth on top (removable). 

Do you offer finance for dental implant treatment?

We realise that for most people dental implants can be a significant investment financially.  That is why we offer several finance packages for our patients that allow payments to be spread over a number of months or years.  If you are concerned about the cost of dental treatment, then please relax knowing that we are here to help and we can make it more affordable than you think.  From our price promise guarantee to our easy payment plans there will be a way to help you get the smile that you always dreamed of.  Get in touch today to find out more.

THE BEST way to find out what the best solution for you is to CALL OR CLICK NOW to book your £99 consultation including high definition 3D scan worth £399. 


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed carefully into the jaw bone where it heals and fuses with the jaw itself.  Once it has fused or is secure the implant can be used to secure a single tooth, a dental bridge (several teeth) or when enough implants are placed it can be used to secure a denture or full mouth of teeth.  At The Berkeley clinic we only use the most advanced implants and techniques available give you the patient the best result possible.

Smile With Confidence – Explained

For a long time people with missing teeth only had two dental treatment options available: a dental bridge or dentures. Today the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow can offer you an advanced dental implant treatment which is the closest option to restoring your own natural teeth.

Implants offer better fitting, considering that the dimensions and shape of teeth and jawbone vary from individual to individual. They also can be used as a replacement for one or more teeth. Dental implants Glasgow are less difficult in terms of maintenance when compared to traditional dentures.

Since dental implants Glasgow treatment are made of titanium they are long lasting. The implants also feel more natural than dentures, enabling ease in chewing and swallowing. They fuse with the bones in the oral cavity, making their installation more or less permanent. Once the replacement teeth are in place, tinted to a shade matching natural teeth, they are nearly impossible to tell apart from natural teeth.

Titanium implants can also help save surrounding, natural teeth, by giving a firmer support to teeth. Many patients feel that replacement dentures fixed on titanium implants are easier to clean, since they can be brushed and flossed like natural teeth.

Our clinical team treats patients from all over the country including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk, Dundee, Aberdeen, Ayr and London as well as Europe and further afield. If you are tired of hiding your smile and would like to laugh feeling safe and confident dental implant treatment could be the right alternative for you.

Get in touch for dental implants Glasgow today.

What's the process with a dental implants Glasgow Clinic?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone. This is the foundation used to place a crown or bridge above the gum line. Dental implants are considered to be the Gold Standard option when replacing missing teeth. There are no other options available that give the same stability, longevity or aesthetically pleasing results as implants.

What happens after the dental implant is placed?

Following an appropriate healing period, the implant fuses to the bone in a process known as 'Osseointegration'. Thereafter, the teeth implant can be restored by attaching a new tooth crown or a dental bridge. Alternatively, two or more teeth implants can be used to hold dentures tight during eating and speaking. The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow can offer you the best dental implant treatment and care. Our clinical team is highly experienced in the field and is using the most advanced digital technologies including CEREC 3D, CEREC Omnicam and CT scan.

How long do dental implants usually last?

How effective are dental implants Glasgow? Dental implants placed at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow can last for a number of years and if looked after well even a life time. What are the advantages of dental implants? They can improve your oral health, protect your healthy bone, chewing ability and even speech. Most importantly dental implants can add convenience and ease to your life, because you won’t have to take them out every night or mess about with the adhesive to keep them in place. Dental implant treatment is a perfect solution to replace your missing teeth if you have lost them due to injury, periodontal disease, or some other reason. What is a dental implant and how can you benefit from this treatment? 

Are you eligible for a dental implant treatment?

Normally, anyone who is capable of undergoing oral surgery or tooth extraction procedure can get a dental implant placed. It is important to have good oral hygiene and healthy gums. Any tooth decay, gingivitis or gum problems need to be addressed before the implants are placed to give the best chance of success. Having a healthy mouth is important because it helps to avoid any dental infections and more serious complications. So what can our dental care team do for you? If you have any oral health problems our dental hygienists will help you to treat them before the surgery.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

There is no pain when having a tooth implant placed because lots of numbing is done before the treatment starts. The procedure is carried out using local anaesthetic so we can assure you that there is no pain at the time of the surgery.

After your appointment, you may feel a little swollen or tender for a few days afterwards. So we would advise to avoid any significant social engagements when choosing a date for a dental implant procedure.

Our award winning dentist, Dr Mike Gow, has been featured on a BBC documentary where the implants were placed using merely dental hypnosis and no anaesthetic at all. Click here and watch a short video of Dr Mike Gow in action.

Do you have any dental anxieties or fears?  

You will receive counselling and professional care, should you be anxious about undergoing dental procedures. People at any age can be nervous about visiting a dentist, and our clinical team wants to put patients at ease and help them manage their dental fears. The Berkeley Clinic has been awarded for the 'Best Treatment of Nervous Patients' four times in the last two years and can help you to overcome your fears.

Dr Mike Gow is an industry leading dentist with a special interest in dental anxiety management, sedation and hypnosis. If you are scared of the dentist or have any dental anxiety issues the Berkeley Clinic team can help you to overcome your dental fears and phobias.  

I have some of my own teeth. Can I still have dental implants?

Absolutely. Our clinical care team can replace one, two or all of your teeth with dental implants Glasgow treatment. Did you know that dental implants can be used to support dental bridge or dentures? Contact our dental practice in Glasgow and find our more.

Are dental implants safe and secure?

Dental implant treatment has been used to replace missing teeth since the early 1960’s. It is one of the most researched and advanced treatment areas in the industry of dentistry. Dental implants placed at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow are one of the most reliable long-term solutions for tooth replacement. According to the recent research, over 95% of well placed and looked after dental implants should last for a number of years or even a lifetime. 

Have a look at one of our dental implant case studies.

Who is allowed to carry out dental implant treatment?

As regulations stand, any dentist who believes they have adequate training! Statistics suggest, however, that failure rates are doubled for "learner" implantologists.

In order to make you feel safe and provide you with the best dental implant treatment available we have formed an experienced and highly skilled team to carry out dental implant procedures. Our dentist team often travel all over the world lecturing fellow colleagues and students on implantology and the newest developments in the dentistry market.

Our Dental Implant Clinic in Glasgow is delighted to have Dr Greig McLean (GDC 79630) as a part of our team. Dr McLean is a doctor and a dentist with extensive experience in implant surgery. His main clinical interests include surgical, cosmetic and laser dentistry, implantology, and helping anxious dental patients to overcome dental anxiety.

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