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Our Pain-Free Advanced Procedures Speak for Themselves

Interior at dental implants Glasgow dental clinic.

Our Pain Free* Advanced Procedures Speak for Themselves

Visiting the dentist after a long time can be a frightening prospect but the longer you put off treatment the more damage you are doing to your teeth. Many patients become distressed when thinking about the potential pain they may suffer when at the dentist.

We understand that painful dental procedures are intimidating and we would like to assure you that pain from dentistry can be a thing of the past at our state of the art clinic.

96% of our patients surveyed agreed our dental implant glasgow treatments are painless. We only use the most advanced technology, from digital injection systems to our dental laser and our state of the art dental sedation suites that will ease you back into the dentistry process.

“I have always been scared of the dentist and the thought of having a full jaw of implants terrified me.  I am happy to say that on the day of surgery I didn’t feel any pain and woke up” 

Margaret B, Edinburgh

 Dental implants Glasgow

Dental Implant Procedures Glasgow

Good quality dentistry is an investment that will make you feel more confident about your appearance and your smile.  It has the ability to transform the lives of those patients who go from a painful broken smile to a brand new healthy, happy one.  When you visit our trusted team at The Berkeley Clinic we will ensure that whatever treatment you need we will explain the whole process and all of the costs at the very start.   The feedback from our patients that choose dental implants is that most of them wish they had had it done sooner!

At the Berkeley Clinic, we have some of the UK’s top master technicians on hand to make sure that your dental treatment is as successful as it can be.  Unlike other normal dental practices, our dentists only use the best and most advanced materials, implant systems, and gentle surgical techniques. 

With something as complex as dental implants, we would always advise you to pick a dentist that has extensive surgical experience and a reputation for clinical excellence.  Choosing dental implants is not like buying a product, the most important element is the ability of the surgeon to look after you and your needs.  When placed and maintained properly, dental implants can potentially last a lifetime.  Mary was delighted with our Dental Implants Glasgow Team:

“I shopped around at various clinics before choosing Greig at the Berkeley clinic.  The fact he was both a Doctor and Dentist and the clinic and the team convinced me I was in safe hands.  I am so glad I did.” 

Mary M, Glasgow

 Comfortable interior at dental implants Glasgow dental clinic.

More Than Just a Dental Practice

While you are with us at the Berkeley clinic we want you to experience all of the benefits our skilled team and procedures have to offer. Our central location is a hidden gem in one of Glasgow’s most popular locations. Once you have visited our beautifully designed dental clinic you will understand why many of our patients leave feeling more relaxed than they thought possible.

Each and every patient is given a unique treatment plan that is designed to fit their exact needs. The secret to our success is the understanding nature of our clinical team that will go above and beyond to make every patients trip to the Berkeley Clinic one which is memorable for all the right reasons.

Dental Implants Glasgow

What Makes Us Different? 

Working together, we will listen to; why you have come to visit, what a new smile or new teeth means to you. We will evaluate what needs to be done, carry out the treatment to the highest standard, making sure you leave feeling more confident about your appearance and smile.

“The entire team at the clinic listened to my concerns, my fears and more importantly what I wanted from a new smile.  They explained all of the challenges with my case so that I fully understood what could be achieved.  I am delighted with the smile that I now have again and am glad to throw my denture in the bin!"
James M, Glasgow


Dental Implants Scotland: Smile Away Your Dental Fear

Are you looking for same day dental implants? Do clinical environments make you feel nervous? For many of us visiting the dentist can be a distressing process, especially if it is rushed and not carefully carried out.

We not only care about the physical health of our patients but at our award winning clinic we have designed our dental space to feel warm and welcoming, making sure that when you enter you will feel as if you are at a friendly boutique hotel rather than an intimidating dental clinic.

Our entire team have been trained by one of our Senior Dentists Dr Mike Gow.  Mike is the President of the International Society for Dental Anxiety management.  When you are in our care we will do everything that we can to help you enjoy your journey to a new happy healthier smile.

 "Dear Dr. Greig McLean

 I used to suffer from anxiety and felt very embarrassed with my teeth and smile.

I can't thank you enough for my new implants. I am delighted that my teeth now look so much better and I was surprised that.

 I felt very little discomfort during the treatment."

- Jean, Glasgow

 Greig, our top dental implants Glasgow dentist.

Meet Our Passionate Caring Berkeley Clinic Team


If you would like to find out if you are suitable for dental implants in Glasgow, call us today. Our patients and our Berkeley Clinic team both believe we offer the best dental implants available. We would like to thank all of our patients for their kind and thoughtful testimonials. Our experienced team work hard to make sure that our dental clinic in Glasgow is maintained to the highest standards both in practice and service.

 “I was really worried about getting implants.  I thought it would be a sore and a long process.  When I read the other testimonials and spoke to a couple of previous patients I was reassured.  Then when I attended for my consultation I knew I had made the right choice. 

Greig and the team were amazing from the first visit to the day when I had my new teeth fitted.  The clinic was truly stunning and not like a normal dental practice.  The change in my confidence and quality of life was instantaneous, I can now smile, eat and laugh with confidence.  I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed about my denture anymore.  I wish I had done it years ago!!  If I could say one thing it would be to book an appointment now.  Once you meet the team and see the clinic you will understand what I mean”

Richard S, Glasgow

If you would like to find out more about our pain free dental implants at our Glasgow dental practice, call today to book a consultation.  Dental implants can be a life changing procedure and we can’t wait to find out more about your story.






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