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The Same Day Smil.es TM Process

Giving You Your Smile Back In A Day!

Welcome to the samedaysmil.es clinic. Pioneered by the team at the multi-award winning Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow.

Please read the information below and take the 10 step challenge to a new smile.

Do you suffer from sore or loose fitting dentures?  Do you have damaged or broken down teeth?  Perhaps you have missing teeth or have been told that your advancing gum disease means you are going to loose what teeth you have left.

If you have answered yes to any of the above scenarios then the samedaysmil.es procedure could replace your missing tooth or teeth using dental implants glasgow in a single day!

Currently, we are offering you a consultation and a 3D digital scan worth £399 for only £99. Contact us and take advantage of this fantastic offer.

The team at the Berkeley Clinic have pioneered the samedaysmil.es procedure in the UK.  Nobody else uses the same techniques, rapid healing technology or their state of the art smile design journey.

If you would like to find out more about the same day smiles procedure please call or email today.

How can you replace a missing tooth in a day?

At the Berkeley Clinic, we only use what we consider to be the best dental implants available today. As a leading dental implant education centre and working in partnership with some of the largest and most advanced dental companies in the world we are perfectly placed to offer the best care possible. 


Dental implants Glasgow procedure details.

By using state of the art technology such as or Sirona XG3D digital 3D scanner we are able to plan all of our implant cases with the highest degree of accuracy.

By taking a simple scan (approximately 20 seconds to take) we are able to immediately assess all of your teeth and jaw bone levels in high definition.

This allows us to plan the perfect placements for your implant or implants and ensures that where possible we are able to restore your implant on the day.

As well as using our state of the art scanner for planning all of our cases we use dental implants that are designed to support restoration immediately.

Finally, The Berkeley Clinic building is home to the Samedaysmil.es dental laboratory.  This hi-tech lab allows us to offer our patients on-site treatment for their cases so that we don’t have to send out the lab work way.

In short, we have built the clinic and designed the procedure to make it as convenient as possible for you.

I think I may need dental implants, what should I do next?

1. Come visit us for a consultation and a chat.

The first thing you should do to start the process of getting the smile you always wanted is to call, email or contact our friendly team for a chat. 

Interior at dental implants Glasgow clinic.  

Our award winning clinic and team have been designed to make the process of having a same day smile or dental implants as painless, stress free and comfortable as possible.

2. How will you know if I’m suitable?

Without an accurate 3D scan of the bone in the jaws it can be difficult to truly assess whether someone is suitable for dental implants.  That is why we ALWAYS take a low dose high definition 3D scan for every implant patient. Without this we believe it is not possible to know whether implants have a chance of working or not.We will carry out this 3D scan at your first appointment and discuss it with you in high definition. 

What if I am not suitable for the samedaysmil.es treatment? If you unfortunately have not enough bone or unsuitable for the samedaysmil.es procedure we will discuss what alternatives would be best for you.

3. I have never had an implant before I don’t know what’s involved.

The key to any successful treatment is to assess your dental health and your cosmetic desires thoroughly.  We believe that this is vitally important.  That is why all of our cases start with an hour long consultation with our lead surgeon Dr Greig McLean.  Dr Mclean is both a medical doctor and a fully qualified dentist.  You can read more about him here.

There are a number of other clinics that offer 15 minute or 20 minute free consultations.  It is our philosophy that this is not an adequate amount of time to fully get to know our patients or what they desire. 

At your consultation visit, you will meet the team and the lead surgeon Dr Greig McLean.  We will take a high definition 3D scan of your mouth and we may take photographs as well to help discuss your case with you.

Only once we have assessed your entire mouth, scanned, photographed and discussed the possibilities with you will we tailor make a treatment plan for your new smile.  At this stage, we will give an exact breakdown of costs involved.

Most patients will rebook another appointment either to start treatment or to come back to discuss any questions that they may have after thinking their treatment options over.

With any big decision involving surgery, we are happy to support you the patient to make the decision that is right for you.  We do not use sales people to sell you your treatment!  You will always be looked after by one of our clinical care team members.

4. How much do dental implants cost?

As with all customised care plans, the cost can vary.  As a guide, you can expect to pay £14,900 for a full set of teeth for one jaw supported by 4 dental implants.  For a single same day implant, the cost is approximately £2,490 for a simple case.

We will always design a care plan that gives you what you want within the limitations of your own particular circumstances, whether these are time, financial or the existing condition of your teeth.
To find out what treatment would be best for you, for your smile and your wallet or purse then just call and book a consultation.

5. How Easy is it to book my treatment date?

Should you choose to book your dental implant treatment with us then just pick up the phone, email, send a message online and we will endeavour to book dates that work for you.  The Berkeley Clinic opens late nights and weekends to make it less inconvenient for you to have your treatment carried out.

6. There seems a lot to take in.  I’m worried I will get confused.

A lot of our patients say that there is a lot to take in when considering this process.  We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have.  We will always provide you with a full written explanation of what you can expect.  We will remind you of any upcoming appointments and someone is always on the end of the phone to answer any queries that same day.

7. What if I don’t like my new smile when it’s fitted?

We have designed the same day smile process at The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow to allow you to see how your smile will look before you finish your treatment.  This means that you can adjust or alter your smile before we create the final one. 

Before and after dental implants Glasgow treatment.

8. I don’t think I could cope with having implant surgery!

A lot of patients are quite rightly concerned or fearful of having dental treatment.  The good news is that the Berkeley Clinic has been designed to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible.  Our team are fully trained in caring for anxious and phobic patients with us having won numerous national awards for our patient care.

We also have state of the art sedation facilities which we use alongside our no pain numbing system DigiJect and also the dental Wand.

Dr Mike Gow is the clinical director for the anxiety and phobia clinic at the Berkeley and is current president of the International Society for Dental Anxiety Management. 

You can rest assured that you will be in good hands and that we will find a way to help you through the process.

You can read what some of our anxious and phobic patients have said about their time with us.

9. Are the teeth fitted on the same day treatment my final smile?

No, you can consider the teeth fitted on the day a beautiful prototype.  They will help the healing process and give you fixed teeth back straight away.
Because having a completely new smile fitted can be an emotional process and one that can take some getting used to we will make you a final smile incorporating any changes that you or the team think will be beneficial.

We will see you on a number of occasions after the teeth are fitted to adjust and fine tune them.
At approximately 10 to 12 weeks we will start the process of making your final smile, tooth or teeth depending on your treatment plan.  For a full set of teeth this typically takes 2 to 3 short appointments to complete and is included in the price of the treatment plan.
Following two to three short visits we usually will fit your new definitive titanium framed teeth.

Once your treatment is completed you will require regular maintenance for your new teeth.  This will mean proper hygienist cleaning at least twice a year.

10: What are you waiting for?

Call, email or request a call back today to book your dental implant consultation worth £399 for only £99! Start smiling with confidence.

Contact our dental clinic in Glasgow on 0141 564 1900 and get your smile in a day!



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