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Teeth Whitening Berkeley Clinic Glasgow

Woman smiling after teeth whitening glasgow

Considering getting your teeth whitened? Just read some of the comments and testimonials written by our patients after having their teeth whitened. All our customers are satisfied with our teeth whitening glasgow capabilities.


Bright Smiles & Patient Reviews


“I have been a smoker all my life and have suffered with yellow and stained teeth for as long as i can remember. Not only did the Berkeley Clinic helped me to stop smoking for good but helped me get my gums and teeth into a better state and then got them whitened! The results have been unbelievable I can smile again with a bright white smile and not feel self-conscious! Thanks Berkeley Clinic!”



“I never thought I could have white teeth after years of drinking too much coffee and smoking but I had the treatment and was very happy with the results.”



“I had suffered really badly with sensitivity from whitening before but the team at the Glasgow clinic used a special whitening gel that was desensitising as well allowing me to whiten my teeth in time for my wedding.”



“I got my teeth whitened for my prom last year and the results were fantastic! My mum and dad were reluctant to let me have it done because they had heard it ruins your teeth but the staff at the Berkeley clinic were so informative and really knew every detail about whitening and my mum even ended up having hers done too!!!”



“I didn’t want a false looking whiter than white smile and I was unsure as to how i could just have them brightened! The Berkeley Clinic made whitening specific to me! They monitored my whitening process so carefully and allowed me to see how bright my teeth were becoming throughout my appointment so that I could say when i was happy! I’m delighted with my natural results.”



“I wanted Hollywood white teeth and the Berkeley Clinic just did that for me! Fantastic! Wasn’t even sore and so quick too!”



“I am a very nervous person at best of it but even more so at the dentist. The team at Berkeley made things so easy for me! Explained everything and took it at my pace! I was so happy with my results I didn't feel the need to have any more cosmetic work done! Whitening was all it took and it was so easy!”



“I had my teeth whitened by Charlotte Curran and the rest of the girls who provided an excellent service. I was absolutely delighted with the results of my teeth as there was a great noticeable difference. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking for their teeth whitened.”


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