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At The Berkeley Clinic, we have won awards for the services which we offer our customers. Before your Botox treatment, we will offer you a Botox Consultation which will help you understand how the Botox process works.  

Modern medicine has transformed The Berkeley Clinic’s our approach to facial ageing, Contact a member of our team today to book your first Botox Treatment.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox can look incredibly natural when it is completed by a medical practitioner. For years Botox and filler treatments have been seen as a cosmetic treatment for the stars, however, professional botox in Glasgow has never been so popular!

This cosmetic treatment is incredibly successful. As this is a non-surgical practice, Botox,  works by blocking signals that travel from nerves to muscles. This cosmetic treatment stops muscles from contracting but does not paralyse them it only relaxes them. Botulinum toxin weakens the muscles which pull the face down, therefore, the muscles which lift the face upwards become more efficient.

Our experienced practitioners have worked with hundreds of patients, making them the most experienced within Glasgow. They have truly mastered the art of injecting botulinum toxin, leaving patients with smooth, younger looking skin.


What is Botulinum Toxin?

We are often asked what botulinum toxin is. At The Berekely Clinic, we only use safe, Botox treatments which are licensed for cosmetic use in the UK. The first brand of Botox which was used in the UK was Vistabel, shortly after that Azzalure was created and most recently, Bocouture.

There is much debate over what brand works best, however, they are different drugs which each come with their own clinical benefits.

You will find that different Botox practitioners will use different brands. Your medical practitioner will prescribe the form of botulinum toxin which is most suited to your skin and body.

How Often Should Botulinum Toxin Be Applied?

Again this varies from patient to patient and most  Botox patients will find that the results will begin to wear off around 3 months after the treatments. Keep in mind that when the muscle movement begins to increase, it may take another month before the lines and wrinkles begin to show.

If you would like to upkeep the treatment it would be at this point that you should think about having further treatment. We would advise that in the first year of Botox treatment, you may need to have the treatment done approximately 3 times.

After the first year of treatments, it is suggested that you have Botox applied only twice per year, allowing muscle recovery time. If you are continually having the treatment, it may only need to be applied once a year. Botox kicks in immediately, one of the main benefits of having the cosmetic procedure completed.

What Areas Are Treated With Botox?

The majority of our patients enquire about having Botox applied around the frown lines. Botulinum toxin can reduce the signs of aging, giving the face a smoother appearance.

Why is botulinum toxin used in this area of the face? The muscles which we use to frown can create lines. These lines can be relaxed with botulinum toxin. The toxin also prevents this effect, giving patients a fresher appearance.


Is Botox The Same as Filler?

This is a question our practitioners are often asked and the answer is no.  Both cosmetic treatments come with their own advantages. Botox targets facial muscles, whereas filler adds volume to the face.

We have previously mentioned the products which are used when Botox is applied, however, products like Juvederm or Restalyne can be used to fill areas of the face such as the lips.

It may be advised that if a particular line or wrinkle is too deep to be treated with Botox, filler can temporarily diminish its appearance. The results with dermal fillers tend to last for nine months on average.

Should I Avoid Doing Anything After Botox?

The advise that the majority of practitioners give is no, however, you should always have this discussion with your practitioner. This will be discussed during your Botox consultation.

At our botox clinics in Glasgow your practitioner will complete the procedure precisely. With this treatment, there's barely any downtime, you can even have the procedure completed during a lunch break as the needle marks fade within minutes.

It is suggested that you wait 40 minutes before doing any activity so there's no bruising.

Who Should Get Botox?

The majority of patients are suitable for Botox treatment. The main advice we would give anyone who is considering Botox is to be realistic with the treatment. Botox is an excellent way of averting fine wrinkles, however, it should not be applied when unnecessary. Botox should look natural on patients of all ages, this is something that we believe in at The Berekely Clinic, as we want our patients to leave happy with the results of their botox treatment. 






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