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Excellent Treatment Option for Edentulous Patients 

What Are Overdenture Implants?

Overdentures are simply replacement teeth that are supported by dental implants. If a patient has a missing tooth and has enough bone in their jaw to support the implant, then we can carry out the overdenture procedure. Overdentures are removable and most people will opt for overdenture implants if they have one or more remaining teeth to support the denture. Overdentures can improve the patient’s quality of life and increase their confidence since losing their teeth. 

Is There a Difference Between Dentures & Overdentures?

The biggest difference is the stability of the dentures. Overdentures were created as a more stable option to removable dentures. This works by the suction between the bone ridges and the denture keeping them in place.


The Benefits of Overdenture Implants

  • You will be able to chew food much better with your new overdentures which will ease digestion and improve your overall health
  • With overdentures, you can vary and increase the sorts of foods you can consume, leading to a much better, more fulfilling diet
  • Improved speech
  • Improved confidence.


Benefits of Overdentures & Types of Overdenture Treatments


  • Minimal to non-invasive treatment
  • Little maintenance
  • Reduce the risk of needing a bone graft
  • Can help retain the structure of your facial features – cheekbones, jawline.

Types of Implant Overdentures

We offer an implant-retained overdenture here at the Berkeley Clinic. This treatment involves fitting two or more implants with a removable appliance. It will rest comfortably on your gums while retained by the implants that have been placed in your upper and/ or lower jaw.

Types of Implant-Supported Overdentures

We also offer a range of implant-supported overdentures, including:

Bar Retained Implant-Supported Overdentures

The removable denture is secured by clips on a customised bar that connects the implants to the jaw.

Ball Retained Implant-Supported Overdentures

The implants in the jaw and the denture are held together by a ball-shaped attachment which fits perfectly into the socket of the denture.

Fixed, Implant Supported Overdenture

With this procedure, the bar and overdenture are made into one framework and is secured using screws. This is a more permanent option as the overdentures can only be removed by the dentist. This treatment looks the most natural as they are screwed in and don’t rest on the gums.


Dental Finance to spread the cost of overdenture implants 

The Berkeley Clinic offers a wide range of dental finance options to help make your overdenture implant treatment more accessible and affordable.  

With our flexible dental finance plans, you can spread the cost of your treatment over several months without accruing any interest. Our finance partners have different payment plans to suit your situation, including short-term 0% interest loans as well as interest-bearing options at 9.9% for those wishing to spread the cost over a longer period. Whatever help or support you need when it comes to paying for your private dental treatment, our finance plans can work for you.  

Get in touch today to find out more about the benefits of dental finance and how dental finance works for overdenture implant treatment.  

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