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Wand STA treatments at the Berkeley Clinic

Local Anaesthetics without needing syringes

What is the Wand STA option?

The ‘Wand STA’ is a system used to deliver local anaesthetic (numbness) to the area being treated by the dentist, without having to use the traditional dental syringe. Instead, it is what is known as a ‘computer assisted local anaesthetic delivery system’. The Wand handpiece is connected to a small computer that is programmed and controlled by the dentist or dental therapist. The computer programme means that the anaesthetic is delivered at a slow and steady rate which is often undetectable by the patient.

What is special about the Wand STA

The Wand STA is a predictable and comfortable option for anaesthetising (numbing) teeth, which is especially suitable for patients who are feeling anxious about their dental treatment or about needles.

Patients who have experienced the Wand often say that it is significantly more comfortable than standard dental injections (even from gentle dentists) and that it is far less threatening visually! The Wand is particularly well accepted and tolerated by children when compared with a standard dental syringe.

Why does the Berkeley Clinic offer Wand STA anaesthetics?

The Wand has other benefits such as the ability to anaesthetise (numb) single lower back teeth (STA = Single Tooth Anaesthesia), meaning that in some cases the numbness of the entire lower half of the jaw and ‘collatoral numbness’ of the lip etc can be avoided. Often less local anaesthetic solution can be used to anaesthetise a tooth/teeth with the Wand when compared to standard techniques.

The Wand is simple to use for the dentist or dental therapist, safe, comfortable, visually less threatening and very effective at numbing teeth!

Many anxious patients specifically seek out dental clinics like The Berkeley Clinic that offer the Wand to their patients. 

Not only do they know that this fantastic technology is available to them, they also know that they are attending a clinic that cares about and invests in the comfort of their patients

At the Berkeley Clinic, Dr Mike Gow is Director of Dental Anxiety Management. Mike has been using the Wand in daily practice after attending an ‘Advanced Local Anaesthetic Techniques’ workshop with Prof Stanley Malamed, Dr John Meechan and Dr Gene Casegrande in 2008. He is now a Key Opinion Leader and teaches its applications to groups of dentists and dental therapists around the country.

If you would like to request the Wand to be used for your treatment, please let us know when you come to see us.

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