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Award Winning Dental Implants

Permanent Solution To Replace Your Damaged Or Missing Teeth?

At our award- winning dental implant centre we use both titanium and zirconia implants. Over time patients are becoming more and more concerned with materials coming into contact with their bodies and the impact that they can have on their overall health. When placing dental implants, it is always ideal to use the least reactive and least toxic material possible. It is important to evaluate the strength, clinical success and other relevant factors of these materials.   

Traditionally titanium implants have been a common choice for patients, however, zirconia implants have grown in popularity due to their comfort, non-metallic composition and durability. 

What are zirconia dental implants?  

Zirconia is an oxidised powder of pure Zircon metal. Zirconia dental implants are non-metal dental implants, durable, long-lasting dental implants that restore your smile with the most natural results. Zirconia implants are ceramic dental implants that are a permanent solution to replace missing or damaged teeth.

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What are the benefits of non-metal dental implants?  

Non metal dental implants still offer the same benefits of traditional dental implants in terms of stability and comfort. Zirconia implants come with many positive features, particularly when comparing them to dentures and bridges. Dentures and bridges are not a permanent solution and they look and feel less natural. As dentures are removable, often they can shift and cause chewing difficulties which can result in embarrassing situations. 

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One of the main benefits of zirconia implants is that they are white in colour meaning they are essentially indistinguishable from normal teeth which has a huge aesthetic advantage. With zirconia implants, no specialised maintenance is required, they can be treated and brushed just like your natural teeth. Zirconia implants are ideal for patients with metal allergies.  Another benefit of zirconia implants is that the absence of metal makes them biocompatible, which means they will not affect or be detrimental to your immune system. 

Zirconia implants help facilitate better hygiene because plaque does not adhere to zirconia to the same degree as acrylic. Zirconia implants are also holistic friendly and are therefore a perfect dental restoration for patients who follow holistic health principles.

What is the difference with zirconia implants and titanium implants?

Studies have shown that titanium and zirconia dental implants have a very similar bone to implant contact. This refers to the amount of bone that is in contact with the implant and determines the stability of the implant in the patient’s mouth.


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Dental Implants Glasgow

Ceramic Implants Aesthetics

Unlike titanium dental implants which are silver in colour, zirconia is white in colour which means no dark colour of metal will show through the gums. However, for patients with thinner gums, they may end up with their gums appearing grey or titanium being visible around the margin of the crown. 

Allergies & Incompatibles

There are no known allergies or incompatibilities with zirconia, however, studies show that 4% of all patients tested to titanium will be allergic to it. There is an increasing number of people who have skin sensitivities, allergies and compromised immune systems, meaning implantation of metal appliances should be scrutinised prior to treatment.

Biocompatibility & Corrosion Resistant

Zirconia has very good biocompatibility and is resistant to chemical corrosion. It will not move around to other sites in the body or hinder the maintenance of optimal oral health. Titanium implants are extremely resistant to corrosion but they are not inert to corrosive attack.


Dental Implant Design

Zirconia implants offer a one- piece design compared to two pieces for titanium, this means that there is nowhere for bacteria to build up thus creating a good oral environment which promotes healthy gums. 

Both zirconia and titanium are materials that do not cause local inflammation and are not rejected by the body.  When tooth loss occurs, the jawbone stops receiving stimulation from the natural tooth’s root, which can lead to bone loss. Therefore, these are the two materials of choice for the abutment portion of the implant system as they replace the tooth roots and supply the jawbone with stimulation, protecting your jaw from further deterioration.

Pain-free Dental Implants Glasgow

At the Berkeley Clinic, we do everything we can to ensure your treatment process is as pain-free as possible. Our dentists and care team are gentle with their techniques to provide pain- free dentistry in a relaxed atmosphere. Depending on what procedure you are having done you can have local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation to make you comfortable throughout your entire treatment.


Zirconia Implants UK

If you are considering dental implants the most important decision that you make is who will perform your implant treatment. Zirconia implants have some advantages over titanium for holistically oriented patients and for patients who have allergies.

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Dr Greig Mclean is the Clinical Director of The Berkeley Clinic and is a fantastic implant surgeon who has been placing both titanium and zirconia implants for over 13 years with an extremely high success rate.

Greig is thorough in his work and will take the time to evaluate what dental implants are right for you. You can find out more about dental implants at the Berkeley Clinic by reading our implants brochure.

We are known as the best dentist in Glasgow, however, Dr Greig Mclean has treated patients from across the UK. If you are looking for a Zirconia Implants UK procedure, contact us for more information.

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Zirconia Dental Implants Cost

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