Hoy Membership Plan

The Berkeley Clinic Hoy Membership Plan

Our dental care plans can help you maintain excellent oral health while offering some fantastic benefits on our dental treatments and dental care services. Receive free teeth whitening and up to 20% discounts on many dental treatments, including Composite Bonding, Crowns, Veneers, Fillings and Implant Crowns.

Your Hoy Plan Benefits:

  • 2 x Dental examinations per year (Including x-rays)
  • 2 x GB Therapy hygiene visits
  • At-home tooth whitening kit and 2 syringe top-ups per year
  • 20% discount off most private dental treatments (excluding Implants, Orthodontics, Safe Amalgam Removal and Splints)
  • Supplementary Worldwide Dental A&E Cover

£24.00 PM (£8 Initial Registration Fee)

Your Customised Teeth Whitening Kit

Receive a customised free teeth whitening kit when you join our Hoy Membership Plan.

Keep your dazzling smile and beautiful white teeth all year round! Our clinical care team will create custom whitening trays to suit the shape and size of your teeth and mouth, which ensure safe and precise teeth whitening. Standard, one size fits all, whitening trays bought on the internet, off the high street or from beauticians can often whiten your teeth unevenly, hurt your gums and cause severe damage to your soft tissue. Professional Teeth Whitening, which is bespoke and completely free for those using The Berkeley Clinic's dental care plans.

Terms and conditions of plan

  • Complete a sound teeth assessment with your dentist and be accepted
  • Attend two Oral health checks with a 12 month period (NHS/Private)
  • Attend a minimum of 2 Enhanced/Private Hygiene visits within twelve months.

  • You may require to attend for more hygiene visits to maintain to keep your guarantee validated as advised by your dentist 
  • No discount applies with this Guarantee

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