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Adult Braces – Glasgow Dental Clinic

At the Berkeley Clinic, we have a wealth of experience in treating adult patients with our straight teeth solutions. We understand that deciding whether or not to have braces during your adult life can be difficult. Therefore, we treat adult orthodontics sensitively and strive to provide as much information as possible to all current and prospective patients. Below you will find extensive information on orthodontic treatments for adults available at the Berkeley Clinic.

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How long do I need to wear adult braces Glasgow?

This depends entirely on the severity of your teeth straightening issue, however with fixed metal or ceramic braces this usually takes between 12 and 24 months. With removable braces Glasgow, the duration of your orthodontics treatment is typically much less than that with a fixed brace. Invisalign clear aligners can straighten your teeth in as little as 12 weeks.

How Could Your Teeth Benefit With Adult Braces?

To ensure you achieve the best results from wearing your brace, regular visits to the dentist are essential, this is generally every 6 to 8 weeks.  Fixed dental braces Glasgow will need to be adjusted regularly to make sure they are working properly.

With Invisalign clear braces Glasgow, you will require fewer appointments than with traditional braces however, you should still schedule regular appointments to monitor the progress of your treatment.

Should I expect to feel any pain with adult braces Glasgow?

Naturally, your mouth is very sensitive to change, it will take you a few days to get used to your braces. Initially, your teeth may feel tight and uncomfortable this is due to the pressure the brace puts on them.  Your teeth and gums may also become irritated after they are adjusted at your appointments. Any pain and discomfort can be eased with painkillers. Occasionally, sore spots can form on your gums and lips, particularly with fixed metal or ceramic braces.  To prevent this, our dental care team at our Glasgow cost can provide you with a clear wax that you can place on the area of discomfort. 

Orthodontists Glasgow

If you are looking for an Orthodontists in Glasgow at Berkeley clinic, we have a team of dedicated specialists with years of experience in the orthodontics field.  We offer a range of different teeth straightening/orthodontic options:

  •  Invisalign clear aligners
  • 4D clear braces
  • ClearCorrect clear braces
  • Fixed metal or ceramic brace

Find out about other straight teeth treatments at our dentists Glasgow.


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Will they affect my speech?

Sometimes, wearing braces can alter your speech slightly. This is often only at the beginning of your treatment. The majority of patients adapt to their dental brace Glasgow and can speak clearly within a few days.

Can I still do sports when wearing braces?

With fixed braces, you should make sure to wear a mouth guard whilst playing any contact sport.  With invisible removable braces, you should evaluate the intensity of the sport to determine whether you should remove your brace and keep it in a brace case. With sports, such as tennis or football you can keep your aligners in, however with full contact sports such as boxing and rugby you should remove your aligners and replace with a gum shield. 

Do I have to change my diet?

If you have fixed braces, eating certain foods can damage your braces and break the wires and brackets. Initially, you should stick to soft foods to prevent any irritation while you are still getting used to your braces. Sticky and chewy foods should be avoided altogether with fixed braces as they can stick to your brace and cause discomfort.

With our invisible braces, you don’t have to worry about making changes to your diet as you can remove them whenever you eat or drink.

How can I look after my brace?

It is vital that you take time to look after your teeth and keep your braces clean.  When you have braces, your teeth require extra attention to protect them from staining, tooth decay, inflamed gums and gum disease. Make sure to clean your teeth and brace thoroughly after each meal.

One of the main benefits of Invisalign clear braces is that they are removable, this means you can take out your clear aligners to brush and floss your teeth as normal. It is also important to clean your aligners by rinsing and soaking them to avoid bacteria from building up.

All braces should be well looked after to ensure you get the best result from your orthodontic treatment. Whichever type of teeth straightening appliance you are wearing, it is important to use a fluoride mouthwash daily.

At the Berkeley Clinic, we realise that every patient requires a unique solution, that is why we take time to evaluate each teeth straightening issue so that we can determine what is best for each individual. 

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost?

Every case is different, however, we have adult braces from as little as £990. To find out more and get an exact estimate of adult braces costs book your consultation today. 

Do You Offer Payment Plans for Adult Braces?

Yes, we do. We also offer easy payment plans on our straight teeth solutions, so contact us today and get the smile you always dreamed of.

Different Types of Adult Orthodontics

At the Berkeley Clinic, we offer various types of adult orthodontics. During your initial consultation, we will establish what your goals are, as well as any concerns you may have. With this information, we will present to you the optimum adult braces in Glasgow for your specific needs.

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