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Quality Ceramic Crowns for Broken, Decayed or Badly Damaged Teeth

Have your teeth been weakened by a large filling or decay? Would you like to improve the appearance of your current teeth and start eating, smiling and laughing with confidence? Ceramic Crowns could be the perfect dental solution for you! 

At the award-winning Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, our professional dentists can help you to select the right treatment option to solve your dental issues, making your smile healthy, attractive and irresistible. One of the best treatment solutions for fixing heavily broken or damaged teeth is porcelain and ceramic crowns. Dental crowns are made to fit your mouth exactly, providing a reliable, long-term tooth-replacement solution that looks and feels completely natural.  

What is a ceramic crown?

A dental ceramic crown, or a tooth crown as it is also known, is a tooth-shaped material usually made of porcelain, metal or a combination of both. A ceramic dental crown is often referred to as a dental cap because it is a type of dental restoration that completely covers a real tooth. They are often used in conjunction with dental bridges, and are seen as a more affordable and less invasive solution to replacing missing teeth compared with dental implants.  

As well as replacing missing teeth, ceramic crowns are often placed on top of existing teeth that have become damaged, decayed or discoloured over time. The custom-made ceramic crown helps to improve the aesthetic appearance and position of the tooth, whilst giving the damaged tooth a more natural shape which helps it to blend in with the rest of your smile. Ceramic crowns also provide greater strength and durability to the damaged area, making the overall bite stronger and more reliable. 

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Ceramic crowns have a wide range of benefits attached to them and are ideal dental solutions for treating broken or badly damaged teeth. Some of the main advantages of dental crowns are: 

  • Dental crowns can restore cracked, misshapen, broken or discoloured teeth.  
  • Ceramic crowns are stain-resistant.
  • Ceramic crowns look natural and healthy.
  • Dental crowns placed at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow are durable, strong and long-lasting
  • Dental crowns are comfortable, stable and don’t irritate the gum line.  
  • Unlike dentures, dental crowns stay in the same place and don’t slip. 

Why choose dental crowns at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow?

At The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, we use the most up to date technologies and materials offering you a stronger and healthier metal-free dental crown alternative. We provide all-ceramic crowns that are produced using CAD/CAM computer technology which is based upon 3D design. Not only are ceramic crowns stronger, but they look like natural teeth!

All-ceramic crowns placed at the Berkeley Clinic can strengthen your teeth and make them look completely natural. We use cutting edge CEREC 3D technology that helps to preserve the structure of the healthy pieces of a tooth whilst replacing the weak areas with materials that are almost as strong as the natural tooth tissue itself. CEREC 3D is a durable and safe digital technology that allows us to place crowns in a day.  

This means that any patient choosing ceramic crowns won’t have to wear temporary crowns or keep coming back to the clinic for a second or a third appointment. One-visit ceramic crowns enable us to fix damaged or broken teeth quickly and efficiently. If your tooth has been weakened by a large filling or tooth decay, a dental ceramic crown may be an ideal treatment to restore and protect your tooth.


What materials are ceramic crowns traditionally made of? 

Traditionally, dental crowns have been made from metal and would have porcelain layered on top to try to give a natural-looking tooth effect. Because the metal from traditional dental crowns is generally dark grey, this can be seen through the porcelain, particularly around the gumline. You may have a crown that looks like this already or know someone that does. The reason that crowns were traditionally made from metal was to provide support for the weak porcelain on top.

With advancements in modern dentistry however, ceramic crowns are now an affordable and viable option for patients in Glasgow. To help ceramic crowns be more accessible for everyone, The Berkeley Clinic offers dental financing solutions so you can spread the cost of your new ceramic crowns

To find out more about our dental finance options or to book an appointment for high-quality ceramic crowns in Glasgow, contact our award-winning dental clinic today.  

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