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The Experts For Dental Implants In Glasgow

The multi-award winning Berkeley Clinic is recognised as one of the UK’s leading dental implant centres.  If you would like to find out more about dental implants Glasgow then get in touch today to book your £399 consultation for only £99 and qualify for up to £250 off your dental implants Glasgow treatment* 


The Berkeley Clinic is recognised as one of the UK’s leading dental implant centres having previously won both Private Dental Practice of the year and Best Dental Practice of the Year.

Have you been told that you would benefit from dental implants or have friends that have recommended them?

Do you have missing, painful or loose teeth?

Do you have loose dentures?

Are you embarrassed by your smile?

Have you been told you have periodontal or gum disease and you may lose your teeth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may well benefit from our pain-free* dental implants in Scotland. 

At the Berkeley Clinic, we have changed the lives of hundreds of our patients who have lost or were losing their teeth by giving their smile back using dental implants Scotland.  Making the decision to have dental implants should take serious consideration.  Please take your time to read about what we do by downloading our trusted dental implant guide or read the information on our website.

Download out dental implants Glasgow brochure now.

Our Dental Implants Brochure

Don’t worry if you’ve been told you are not suitable for dental implants. Over 99% of patients who attend our clinic wanting implants have been able to have them.

Greig, our dental implants Glasgow dentist.

Dr Greig McLean BDS Gla, MFDS RCPS Gla, MB ChB Gla

Welcome to the Berkeley Clinic implant page.  My name is Dr Greig McLean and I am the clinical director of The Berkeley Clinic.  I am qualified as a medical doctor as well as a Dentist and I have been successfully placing dental implants for over 13 years now.  If you are interested or have been told that you would benefit from dental implants then please book or arrange an appointment to come in so we can chat about what we can do for you and your smile.

Greig lectures internationally for a number of leading dental implant companies.  He is known as a caring, gentle and talented surgeon who takes great pride in his work.  Whatever your dental implant needs he will advise what is best for you and your smile.

The Berkeley Clinic is one of a handful of clinics in Europe that has the ability to create the final implant crown, bridge or full mouth of teeth on site. This allows us to deliver your new smile faster, easier and with greater control.  

Dental Implants Glasgow


Dental Implants Glasgow Clinic

Are you suffering from tooth loss or dental issues?

Do you have a missing, badly damaged or a decayed tooth? Would you like to restore or transform your smile? Dental Implants are the solution to a wide range of dental problems and are great long term replacements for missing or decayed teeth. Fixed carefully into the jaw, these prosthetic implants are designed to be indistinguishable from your natural teeth and give you the freedom to chew and talk without worrying about pain and sensitivity.

Dental Implants in Glasgow

Did you know that our award winning dental care team can replace missing or damaged tooth in a single appointment? We can advise you on the best dental treatment options and even transform your smile in a day.

The first step to your new smile begins with booking your consultation. CLICK OR CALL TODAY  to start your journey.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Find out more about our same day full arch smile process. Your journey to a new same day smile in 5 simple steps:

Dental implants glasgow

  1. Your new smile consultation
  2. Pre treatment
  3. The treatment visit
  4. Aftercare and review.
  5. Your finalised smile and aftercare.

What do I get at my dental implant consultation

Choosing to have a new smile with dental implants is a big decision.  If you are considering a new smile or teeth fixed on implants it is vitally important to understand what can be done for you and the whole process that will take you from start to finish.  We are here to hold your hand through the entire process.  Make you feel comfortable and at ease and ultimately ensure you get the best possible end result in as quick and painless a time as possible.

Every implant consultation is carried out by Dr Greig Mclean and his expert team.  At your consultation you can tell Greig what you want to change, what a new smile means to you and what you have been suffering from that has led you to your appointment.  Greig and the team will listen to all of your concerns, challenges and issues and create a solution that is right for you.

The assessment will involve carefully looking at how you would like your new smile or teeth to look and feel.  You will receive your high definition 3D jaw scan that will allow you to see where your dental implants can be placed and how they work.  At the end of your consultation, you will know AN EXACT PRICE and estimated treatment time with the team working to fit your new smile around your life.



Implant dentistry Glasgow options

Dental implants are probably one of the most reliable and secure financial investments into your own health and appearance. If you are looking for a long term and safe teeth replacement solution dental implants are the best option. The missing teeth can also be replaced using a dental bridge, crowns or dentures.

Our clinical team will guide you through the range of dental treatment options and will advise you on which one could fit your dental needs best. Call the Berkeley Clinic today and book your dental appointment.

Contact us today on 0141 564 1900 and book your dental implant consultation with our leading dental implant dentists in Glasgow.

Tooth Loss and Dental Damage Reparation

Given how important our smiles are to us for our body image and our views of beauty, we understand how tooth loss can easily damage the image we have in our minds of what our smiles should look like. Unsightly gaps between teeth or where teeth have once been can be extremely dissatisfying to many people.

Dental implants Glasgow are a way around this problem, but it should be noted that we should always aim to prevent the need for implants where we can. Simple changes to your lifestyle, or simply realising where you need to improve your daily regime, can be the difference between losing a tooth and keeping it.

The Most Common Causes of Dental Problems

Dental Implants Glasgow

Everybody can be subjected to issues arising from their teeth depending upon the treatment of their teeth throughout life. As long as you take great care in the general maintenance of your teeth you should not happen across the majority of these issues. However, tooth loss and dental damage can arise at any point, so it is best to avoid getting into the habit of making the following practices a regularity in your routine.

  • Bad Dental Hygiene
  • Accidents
  • Irregular Dental Check-Ups
  • Failed Root Canal Treatment
  • Poor Diet
  • Underlying Health Issues

Periodontal Diseases

Your dentist may tell you that you are currently at risk of developing a periodontal disease. These are identified usually by inflammation of the gums due to long term plaque exposure. Without regularly cleaning your mouth of plaque, you can often find yourself in the difficult position of requiring treatment. A visit to your dentist is a more efficient way of removing any build-up of tartar particularly where teeth meet the gums – a troublesome area that often develops the most tartar – that will leave you will less bacteria that can irritate your gums.

There are two main types of periodontal disease that both relate to one another, with one being milder and the other being a more advanced, aggravated stage:

·       Gingivitis

The initial and less harmful stage of gum disease is gingivitis. This stage of gum disease is entirely treatable and is easily gotten rid of with daily care and attention to a regulated dental regime throughout the day. It is not as harmful as the advanced stages, showing mostly irritation in the gums and the potential for the gums to bleed more easily than normal. Gums can often recede and are painful to the touch, making brushing and flossing a more difficult task.

It is possible for the symptoms to be reversed if you are willing to keep track of a new daily regime to keep your teeth and mouth clean. Medicated mouthwashes can also be beneficial for early treatment to stop progression into periodontitis.

Dental Implants Glasgow

·       Periodontitis

The advanced stage of gingivitis that is the most common reason for tooth loss and the reason why many of our patients require dental implants in Glasgow. The symptoms can include bleeding gums, milky white plaque gatherings around and between the teeth, unusual odour from the mouth, red and swollen gums, and gums that have receded enough to show the root of the tooth. In the worst cases, periodontitis can eventually weaken tooth roots and the bone in your jaw, leading to inevitable tooth loss that cannot be naturally repaired. There are medications available to help treat periodontitis as it is a more advanced disease. These can usually be prescribed by your dentist or your doctor depending on where you are checked for the developments in your mouth.

Never let any irregularities in your mouth go unchecked as it could lead to tooth loss, decay, and weakening of the jaw bone if they are stages of periodontitis. The following table shows the current range of medical products offered to people who have been affected by gum disease, showing the different areas which can be treated depending upon severity.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Don’t get caught out by gum disease and the troubles it can cause for your dental health as a whole. A dental implant Glasgow is often needed because of the negative effects of a lack of dental care throughout a lifetime or neglect. It is important to know what happens to your teeth during your usual working day in order to ensure that you take the correct steps to prevent the long-lasting damage that we often see here at The Berkeley Clinic.

·       Daily Brushing, Flossing and Mouthwash Use
·       Regular Dentist Visits
·       Chew Sugar-free Gum Between Meals
·       Medicated Mouthwash
·       Quit Smoking and Drinking
·       Change Your Diet


Dental Implants in Glasgow from The Berkeley Clinic

Dental Implants Glasgow

Sometimes, prevention just isn’t enough, and we find ourselves looking for solutions for tooth loss, decay, and other problems that change how our smiles look. Aesthetic treatments are always available for patients who require them, and we will always be open to appointments to see what we can do to make your smile the best it can be. Dental implants can be a permanent solution that goes above and beyond other dental replacement treatments. So, what are the basics of dental implants Glasgow, and why should you think about investing in using them as your priority source of treatment?


Most Common Reasons for Getting Dental Implants in Glasgow

There are a number of reasons as to the most common applications of dental implants in Scotland. As implants are one of the best, and most permanent, tooth replacement solutions available from The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow. The most common reasons for dental implants Glasgow treatments usually are as follows:

·       Gum Disease
·       Missing Teeth
·       Decay and Discolouration
·       Replace Dentures
·       Difficulty Eating
·       Bone Deterioration
·       Facial Reconstruction
·       Immediate Treatment Required

Free Space Can Have Negative Effects on Your Teeth

There are a lot of options out there for you to take if you are missing a tooth. It is your own choice whether you would like to invest in dental implants or not – though we highly recommend them.

Even missing one tooth can actually have negative impacts on the rest of your mouth, not just on the blank space. Filling up the gap with an extra tooth is a fantastic aesthetic treatment, especially at the front of the mouth when we are talking and smiling, but what else does a dental implant Glasgow prevent from happening in your mouth?

·       Additional Pressure on Teeth

Your teeth are collectively taking the same amount of pressure in your mouth when all spaces are taken up. When a tooth is missing, there is one less tooth to take the usual amount of pressure, so teeth are forced to take on a little more pressure than normal. If more than one tooth is missing, this amount continues to increase, and this can eventually lead to damage to the remaining teeth including fissures and cracking. Fixing broken teeth could be a preventable procedure if dental implants are given a chance.

·       More Prone to Cavities

It is known that if there are spaces between teeth, the surface area of the surrounding teeth drastically increases. With more surface area for plaque to cover, the risk of decay to your teeth increases. More plaque, more decay, means you will be far more prone to cavities in the surrounding teeth around the left over gap. Ignoring cavities can have a lasting effect on your teeth if you do not have them filled and treated.

Cavities in the teeth can lead to longer-lasting problems for your teeth. Cavities, if left without treatment, can often form a dental abscess. You may then need to have treatment in the form of a root canal. The breakdown of dentine through to the root can be painful, so if you experience any pain in your tooth, contact your dentist for an appointment and use painkillers until you can be given treatment.

·       Periodontal Disease More Likely

An exposed area of your gums can, unfortunately, make you become more prone to various forms of gum disease. With a chance for more plaque to build up on more surfaces around and on your gums, you are incredibly more likely to suffer the negative effects of plaque and the possibility of the development of gum diseases.

Always ensure that your daily dental hygiene plan is kept to when you have lost a tooth, or call your dentist to advise on options such as dental implants in Glasgow to amend the problem of the missing tooth.


Number of Huge Benefits with Dental Implants Glasgow

It is safe to say that in choosing dental implants you are undoubtedly being given the best treatment that is available to you in terms of tooth replacement. Forget about the hassle of dentures, the worrying about weak bridges, or the movement of your teeth. Find yourself at ease with your new teeth with these great benefits of having dental implants in Glasgow.


·       Implants Fit Better
·       Natural-Looking Finish
·       A Longer-Lasting Dental Solution
·       Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Convenience
·       Protect Your Surrounding Teeth.
·       Confidence Builder
·       Easily Accessible


Click here to read our patient dental implants Glasgow reviews across a variety of areas.


What happens during the procedure?


Firstly, we always offer a consultation before any procedure is undertaken. Our lead surgeon Dr. Greig McLean will lead the consultation, so you will be with our top surgeons for your initial advice and assistance. All costs and the treatment plan will be calculated from there. If after your consultation you still require more information, we are always here to take your questions and help you to understand what is involved.

The three step process of implantation involves burying the implant into the jawbone underneath the gum, waiting for the gum to heal and the artificial root to begin to fuse to the bone.

Once secure, the next stage is adding an abutment to the root which will hold the artificial tooth, and once this has been settled in place, the artificial tooth can be placed on top to settle in line with your other teeth once healing has been approved for this stage. In one-stage dental implantation, a temporary abutment is added to the implant for the healing process.

The teeth you are fitted with on the first day are a prototype for your new, permanent smile. They help immensely with the healing process, and we can assess what changes you would like to have on your final smile if there are any things you wish to make.

A full set of teeth will take somewhere between 2 – 3 visits to have them fully completed, but you can be assured that you are going to have a great experience.


Dental Implants in Glasgow


You are under general anaesthetic during the procedure, so don’t worry about feeling a thing. Our professionals will ensure you are well looked after and that you will have a great dental experience to share with friends and family.

Unsure how flexible your weekly schedule is for treatment? Not to worry. The Berkeley Clinic is open late on weekdays and on weekends to offer full flexibility for all of our patients.


The Berkeley Clinic Same day Smile full arch implant solution.


 .  Fixed in place  Removable
 New smile assessment  £99 (refundable)  £99 (refundable)
 Fee  £15,995  £9,995
 Xray / OPG  Included  Included
 3D Scan  Included  Included
 Treatment Plan  Included  Included
 Extractions  Included  Included
 Bone Contouring  Included  Included
 Bone grafting  From £500  From £500
 Implant  4-6  4-6
 Zygomatic Implants  £3,000 (each)  £3,000 (each)
 SameDay Prototype Fixed / Removable Bridge  Included  Included
 Final customised titanium framed full bridge  Included  N/A
 Cobalt Chrome / Acrylic Removable Bridge  N/A  Included
 After Care and Reviews (when you join our care plan)  Included  Included
 One Year Warranty  Practice plan available  Practice plan available


How much will my new teeth cost me if I choose finance options?



*We have various finance options to suit most patients needs. From 12 months interest-free to up to 48 months with a small interest charge.  Call or get in touch today to find out more.


  •  *terms and conditions apply to all offers.  We reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time without written notice.  No discount offer can be used in conjunction with any other offer.


  •  * money off implant offer.  *£100 off any single or two unit implant case.  £250 off any full arch implant case.


  • A copy of your 3D scan can be obtained for an additional fee.


Do you have more questions? Click here for the Dental Implants Glasgow FAQ

A dental implant to replace a missing front tooth:

I have one or a couple of missing teeth.  Can dental implants replace them?

The answer is yes.  If you have a single missing tooth then a single dental implant is the best way to replace your missing tooth or teeth for the long term.

            This can normally be done in 1 visit.

Watch a video about replacing a molar tooth with a dental implant:

I have a really broken down mouth or no teeth at all.  Can I have a full new set of teeth on implants?

The answer is yes.  In this case, you may be most suited to our new smile in a day process which you can read about below.

Watch our video explaining replacing a full jaw of missing teeth with a removable bridge:


The Berkeley Clinic is an award winning dental implants Glasgow clinic.



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