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Dental Hypnosis In Glasgow, Scotland

Would You Like To Overcome Your Dental Anxiety, Fear Or Phobia?

Do you feel nervous when you start to think about a dentist or a dental practice? At The Berkeley Clinic, we are in the unique position to have Dr Mike Gow as a full-time member of the team. Mike has a Masters Degree in Hypnosis Applied to Dentistry and is also the president of the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (Scotland). Mike uses his own exclusive techniques to help anxious patients overcome their fears of the dentist and can even make your experience an enjoyable and relaxing one. The Berkeley Clinic is the only centre in Scotland that truly can welcome phobic patients with confidence because we have a well-trained clinical team, right facilities and a real understanding of your situation. 

The award winning dentist Dr Mike Gow is often invited to share his experience and knowledge on various TV shows, projects, documentaries and radio programmes. Recently he was filmed on BBC Horizon documentary 'The Power of Placebo' where Mike extracted wisdom teeth with no local anaesthetic, just hypnosis. 

Did you know that it is even possible to place dental implants using hypnosis?

Click on the video and watch Dr Mike Gow undertaking dental hypnosis during a dental implant surgery. 

How could you benefit from hypnosis?

The Main Uses of Hypnosis in Dentistry include:

  • Anxiety Management- Relaxation

  • Phobia Management (Specific phobias eg- General dental, needle, dental needle, blood, drill etc).

  • Gagging (During procedures or denture/appliance intolerance).

  • Parafunctional habits- e.g. Bruxism, tongue thrusting.

  • Modification of other unwanted oral habits (eg thumb sucking, nail biting etc).

  • Acute Pain Control.

  • Chronic Facial Pain.

  • Psychosomatic Facial Pain.

  • TMJ dysfunction.

  • Salivation control.

  • Bleeding control.

  • Compliment Inhalation/intravenous/oral sedation.

  • Improved compliance with oral hygiene regimes.

  • Smoking cessation.

  • Treatment of anxiety/stress related Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis.

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