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Dental CT Scan

Dental CT Scans

Modern 3D imaging machines can extend the possibilities of dental diagnosis and treatment further than was thought possible just a short while ago. CBCT scanners are now being used to provide dental CT scans for all types of treatments, including check-ups, diagnosis, dental surgery, the creation of prosthetics, restorative dentistry and orthodontics.

The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow is using digitally advanced Sirona Galileos 3D Cone Beam CBCT scanner to take dental CT scans that will help provide you with the best cosmetic or restorative dentistry results. 

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Dental CT scans are quick and safe to use. CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a medical imaging technique which uses X-Rays in a different way to conventional radiography equipment in order to produce a highly accurate CAT scan of a patient's mouth and jaw.

In a CBCT scanner, the X-Rays are divergent, creating a cone, hence the scanner's name. CBCT scanning has become more and more important in the diagnosis and treatment of many dental issues, replacing the dental X-Ray machines patients will have been familiar with for the last thirty years or more.

How do Dental CT Scans Work?

When taking a CAT scan, the CBCT scanner rotates around the patient's head, taking around 600 clear images in just a few seconds. These images are collected by software programs and reconstructed into a readable CAT scan to give the dentist useful information, allowing for the correct diagnosis and planning of specific treatments and procedures.

What are the main advantages of a CAT Scan?

CT scanners have many advantages over the old panoramic dental X-Ray equipment. Internal anatomy can be visualised making for more accurate diagnosis, effective surgery and the correct positioning of dental implants.

Dental CT Scans help determine the position and direction of nerves, teeth roots, previous implants and the nasal and sinus cavities, allowing them to be clearly seen and analysed by your professional dentist. The use of dental CT scans without doubt leads to safer dental work. Dentists are also using dental CT scans during oral surgery, to help in the removal of impacted teeth, for monitoring the health of gums and for the diagnosis of infections and mouth and jaw tumours.

A CAT scan has many advantages for both dentist and patient. Radiation exposure is much less in CAT scans, with each scan exposing the patient to up to 100 times less radiation than with conventional X-Rays. This is also helped by a much faster scan time, with each scan only taking between 10 and 40 seconds.

Patients do not need any special preparation for a scan, other than the removal of dentures or any neck and facial jewellery. The procedure is completely painless and is mobile enough to allow access to all patients, whatever their mobility and conditions.

Of major advantage to both dental surgeon and patient, is the reduced cost. Using a CBCT scanner over a conventional CT model can be 50% cheaper. The small size of a CBCT scanner makes it a practical and viable option for even the smallest of dental practices.

Because of their exploratory and non-invasive nature CBCT scans can often provide a diagnosis that would previously have involved an anaesthetic and some surgery. More and more dental practices and dental surgeons are finding CBCT scanners cost-effective tools in diagnosing and treating clinical dental problems.

If you would like to find out more about CAT scan or cosmetic dentistry at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, contact our team today!

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