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Smile Clinic Glasgow

Are You Looking For The Ultimate Smile Makeover

If you are interested in Cosmetic Dentistry in Glasgow or have considered getting a smile makeover then the Smile Clinic Glasgow can help guide you through the process.

If you are looking for the ultimate smile makeover by an award-winning team then look no further than the Berkeley Clinic Cosmetic Dentists in Glasgow.

How can we help you to achieve the smile of your dreams? Smile Clinic Glasgow

Your Smile Makeover journey starts with the consultation. At this relaxed and informative appointment your dentist will listen to any concerns you may have, assess your current dental condition and create a wish list of how you would like your new smile to look like. 

A dental appointment gives you a perfect opportunity to discuss all of the changes you would like made and learn how a combination of cosmetic dentistry techniques will allow you to achieve the ultimate smile. We now have the ability to move your teeth to the correct position in as little as 6 weeks using the Inman Aligner orthodontics system. If you have missing teeth then the highest quality of dental implants can replace any gaps in your smile. You will be amazed with the life changing results that we can achieve.

 At the Smile Clinic Glasgow  the latest technology is used to assess your smile and the condition of your teeth, gums and jaw joint. In order for you to have a smile that will last and give you a healthy mouth for years to come we will thoroughly check the condition of all of these systems.

Assessing the System

By using the T-scan digital bite scanner and the JVA jaw joint scanner we have the ability to detect any hidden problems with your bite or jaw joint and tailor your new smile to work in harmony with your body.  This is very important as changing the shape of your smile by having cosmetic dentistry will also affect the way your teeth work.  This should only be done once your dentist has assessed how your jaw joint functions.  If precision and expertise is not used during the smile makeover process then your new teeth can chip or break or you may suffer from painful debilitating symptoms.  At the Berkeley Clinic we will only carry out any smile makeover after fully assessing the condition of your jaw and bite ensuring that your restorations last longer and you do not experience any problems.

When you have discussed how your new smile should look a treatment plan is devised to make your new smile a reality. When you are happy with the proposed changes, master ceramicist will create your new individual smile preview by using the photographs, impressions of your mouth and jaw scan measurements. At this stage you are able to see a scale model of how your teeth will look and the dream will start to become a reality.

Your Smile Makeover Plan

Having designed your new smile our team will then provide you with a full breakdown of all the costs and the number of stages involved. This cost breakdown is valid for up to 6 months after it is given.  Should you wish to discuss financing your new smile or any cosmetic dentistry procedures our patient care coordinator will be happy to discuss this with you. In many cases we are able to offer interest free credit to our patients.

If you are looking for a dental plan that can provide you with a number of discounts, dental insurance, dental check-up or hygienes visit our Beautiful Smiles Page and find out more.

What is Smile makeover in a Day?

In many cases we are able to perform a "Smile makeover in a Day". This is where you go from your existing smile to your new smile in a single visit, without having to go home with temporary teeth, and without waiting for a lab to make your teeth.  Using the latest CAD CAM technology your teeth can be prepared, scanned and a computerized milling system will make your teeth in the same day. The accuracy of this technology and the materials used makes it impossible to tell that they are not your real teeth. Your new restorations interact perfectly with your bite meaning that you not only have a perfect looking smile but a healthy and functioning bite.

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