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Splint Therapy In Glasgow

What Is Splint Therapy?

In many cases of craniofacial pain and parafunction (teeth grinding for example), the answer to the problem is re-aligning the jaw joint and balancing the bite. This is an area of particular interest to the team at The Berkeley Clinic and why we have invested in the latest of diagnostic technology with our BioPAK Centre. The successes that we have achieved to date with the use of occlusal appliances has made all of our efforts worthwhile. The correct use of splint therapy is a real breakthrough for anyone who has suffered from disfunction, pain and significant wear and tear to their teeth.

After the jaw and bite are re-aligned and stable in the new position the option to have the teeth rehabilitated to accomodate the new position is recommended using crowns and veneers.

What are the key benefits of Splint Therapy?

Splint therapy can be beneficial in adjusting your bite into a more optimum position, allowing your muscles to rest. Additionally, this therapy has also shown favourable results for relaxing your muscles and ligaments. It relieves the facial tension and tightness associated with clenching, bruxism and other jaw related problems.

Splint therapy is basically classified into two types: stabilisation splint and repositioning splint therapy. Depending upon the symptoms and condition, your dentist might recommend the most appropriate method.

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