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The Berkeley Clinic Feedback, Comments, Concerns and Complaints Policy and Procedure

Information for Staff

At The Berkeley Clinic our aim is to give the best possible care and treatment to our patients. All feedback, comments, concerns, and complaints about our services are to be encouraged and welcomed from patients and should be viewed as a positive way of looking at what we do and making changes to improve our service to patients.


The practice Feedback and Complaints Officer is The Care co-ordinator, Rachel Lynn, or Amy Brown our practice manager on

All staff are responsible for being aware of a patient’s right to express their views or to make a complaint and be aware of the support that is available to the patient to do so.

Feedback, Comments and Concerns

All of our patients have the right to give feedback, make comments and express concerns.  We encourage our patients to do so either in person or in writing. We also employ a patient survey/questionnaire to monitor our service. Our aim is to sort out any concerns patients may have on the spot however if this is not possible, we will offer them the opportunity to speak to an appropriate member of staff or the Feedback and Complaints Officer, especially if the views expressed should be dealt with as a complaint (see below). Feedback from patients will be reviewed, discussed and documented at practice meetings and used to improve the services we provide. Our patients can also go directly to Health Improvement Scotland with any complaints, details are below.

Responding to Complaints

We aim to deal with complaints promptly, courteously, and efficiently. We will try to deal with complaints as they arise. If the complaint cannot be dealt with within 3 working days, the practice Feedback and Complaints Officer will write to the patient telling them:

  • what action the practice will take to look into the patient’s complaint;
  • offer the patient the chance to talk to a member of staff;
  • let them know when the practice will respond (normally within 20 working days);
  • let them know that their complaint will be kept confidential but that we may have to talk to other NHS staff or show them the patient’s dental record in order to investigate the complaint; the patient will be asked to let us know as soon as possible if they do not want us to share information;
  • give them information about advice and support available to help them with their complaint, e.g. the Patient Advice and Support Service.

The complaint will be investigated, and a full written response will be sent to the patient within 20 working days of receiving the complaint.

If we are unable to keep to this timescale, we will let the patient know and tell them why.

The response will let the patient know the result of the investigation and will:

  • offer an apology if things have gone wrong;
  • show that we have looked into the complaint and reply to all the points they have made;
  • explain what we will do to stop what they complained about happening again;
  • if necessary, explain why we cannot do anything more about some parts of their complaint;
  • offer them the chance to talk to a member of staff if there is anything in the letter they do not understand;
  • include information about the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman in case they are unhappy with the response or the way we have handled the complaint and they want to take things further.

All complaints will be kept confidential and the information the patient gives us will be reviewed, discussed, and documented at practice meetings and used to improve the services we provide.

Complaints about private treatment

We follow the same complaints procedure for complaints about private treatment. However, if a patient requires help with making their complaint, or if they are not satisfied with our response to their complaint, patients can contact Health Improvement Scotland directly. Their details are listed below.

Change of mind

Patients can change their mind about making a complaint at any time. They can do this in writing or by phone.

If the patient is not happy with our response to their complaint

If the patient is still not happy with our response, or if they are not happy with the way we are dealing with their complaint, e.g. if they think we are taking too long, they can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to consider their complaint further.

Complaint Procedure

  • Try to sort out the complaint with the patient on the spot. If this is not possible, determine if an appropriate member of staff involved in the patient’s care can speak with the patient, or ask the Feedback and Complaints Officer to become involved.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved on the spot, or if asked for by the patient, offer the practice Feedback, Comments, Concerns and Complaints procedure. Talk the patient through the procedures, if appropriate.
  • Make the patient aware of the support available to them for help with their complaint, e.g. the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS)– details above If not already known, ask the patient for:
    • their full name and address (and the patient’s name if they are acting on behalf of someone else);
    • as much helpful information as possible about what happened, where it happened and when, and what they would like to have done about it;
    • their preferred method of communication.
  • Complete a complaints evaluation/record as far as possible.
  • Pass all written complaints to the Feedback and Complaints officer.
  • All complaints must be kept confidential; do not discuss complaints inappropriately with other members of staff or out with the practice.
  • If the patient changes their mind about making a complaint, let the practice Feedback and Complaints Officer know as soon as possible.


Independent Healthcare Regulation Team

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

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EH12 9EB

Call: 0131 623 4342



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Tel.: 08456 120 540 at local rate (Mon-Fri, 9.00am – 5.00pm)

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