Transform Your Smile With ClearCorrect Aligners

With the development of digital dental technology, clear plastic aligners have become one of the most effective and popular ways to straighten your teeth. That’s why at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, we provide our patients with several aligner treatment options.

Almost no one is born with perfect teeth; we may have crowded teeth, gapped teeth, big teeth or something else preventing us from smiling with confidence. Whatever the case may be, straightening gives you more than just a great smile; it can prevent early wear and tear and make it harder for harmful bacteria to grow, which can lead to periodontal disease.

Boost your confidence with ClearCorrect aligners in Glasgow

ClearCorrect removable aligners enable you to reclaim ownership of your smile. A convenient solution to crowded teeth, gaps, poorly aligned teeth and more, you'll benefit from all the renewed confidence and improved functionality of a perfectly straight smile.

Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect clear aligners are non-invasive, discreet, pain-free, and comfortable to wear. They're the most fuss-free but high impact solution available on today's market.

For more information on ClearCorrect Aligners, please get in touch with the team at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow. We look forward to supporting you through your smile transformation.

What are ClearCorrect clear aligners?

While other aligners relax and lose grip over the wear time, ClearCorrect uses a ClearQuartz™ tri-layer material, which allows them to be tough and stain-resistant while providing gentle and consistent pressure. ClearQuartz also retains 10x more of its initial force compared with some other aligners and retains its shape throughout the treatment time.

Dr Willis Pumphrey developed ClearCorrect technology, a dentist who had over 400 patients in need of teeth aligners with no one to make them. He funded his own company to provide them with orthodontic treatment; it wasn’t long before other dentists signed up to try his solution, and the company began to grow.

What are the benefits of ClearCorrect treatment?

The treatment is currently one of the best for effective and quick teeth straightening. ClearCorrent braces offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Flawless results
  • Nearly invisible appliances
  • Easy to remove
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Quicker treatment time than other solutions

How does ClearCorrect Aligners work?

First of all, you'll be invited to an in-depth consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Glasgow Clininc. You'll discuss your requirements in detail until we're entirely clear on what results you wish to achieve.

Our expert dentist will then evaluate your oral health and suitability for ClearCorrect treatment. ClearCorrect is ideal for mild to moderate issues, such as:

  • Overcrowding
  • Gapping
  • Misalignment
  • Dental Drift

Once we've declared you suited to ClearCorrect clear aligners, we'll take impressions of your mouth so your clear braces can be made. Each of your clear aligners is made to order and will fit your mouth perfectly.

Every aligner you're given will be incrementally straighter than the last, gently moving your teeth into the desired position.

In a matter of months, you'll have noticeably straighter teeth - without anyone even knowing you've undergone treatment.

Your ClearCorrect aligners will be engineered specifically to your mouth, your dentist will be able to predict the movements of your teeth using the latest 4D technology. This allows you to tailor your treatment plan perfectly to achieve the smile you envisage.

Invisible braces are redefining what teeth straightening treatments look like. Gone are the days of unsightly traditional metal braces with their wires and brackets. The clear plastic material renders itself almost entirely invisible, allowing you to achieve excellent results discreetly.

Your treatment plan need not disrupt your brushing and flossing, eating or drinking; we advise that you remove your clear aligners while engaging in these activities. They can even be removed for special occasions should you wish.

Removable clear aligners are also much easier to keep clean, and their removable quality will allow you to maintain proper oral hygiene throughout your treatment.

In fact, doctors prefer clear aligners, as they're less likely to cause gum disease or irritation that can lead to infection.

How much does ClearCorrect Aligners cost in Glasgow?

Achieving a straight, confident smile with ClearCorrect aligners in Glasgow is closer than you think! However, understanding the associated costs is crucial for informed decision-making. Here's a breakdown of ClearCorrect pricing at Berkeley Clinic, Glasgow:

  • Clear correct Flex - From £3800
  • Clear correct Ultimate - From £4990

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