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Cost of Teeth Whitening

We offer in surgery dental whitening along with your at-home teeth whitening kit and professional cleaning for the price of £299. In addition, we provide a dental consultation to ensure that your smile is suitable to undertake a teeth whitening procedure. The consultation costs only £45.

Achieve the best whitening results

To help you achieve better teeth whitening results we recommend to get a professional cleaning done prior to the whitening treatment and offer to do it for free. Not only will this ensure your gums and teeth are in a healthy state before whitening but it will ensure the best results and help to keep your smile radiant for longer. If you are looking for the effective teeth whitening in Glasgow, visit the Berkeley Clinic and our care team will help you to achieve the best teeth whitening result. 

Beautiful Smiles Plan for a brighter smile

Did you know that when you join our Beautiful Smiles plan you can get customised teeth whitening kit for free? Our busy lives can mean that oral care is neglected as we rush from place to place. Luckily thanks to the advances in dentistry in recent years it’s easier than ever to restore the damage your mouth may be suffering from. Before going ahead with any dental treatment we will always discuss your options with our Glasgow dentists and orthodontists. We can advise what aesthetic treatment is best for you.

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Are you unhappy with your smile, do you get embarrassed by your crooked and discoloured teeth? Is it difficult to eat the foods you love? Would you like to replace missing teeth with a fixed solution, have straighter whiter teeth and get the smile that you’ve always wanted? Call the Berkeley Clinic today to book your consultation and get the smile you've always wanted.

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