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Best dentist in Glasgow for conscious dental sedation.

Conscious Dental Sedation Glasgow

A warm and friendly welcome to The Berkeley Clinic. We are proud to be considered one of Europes leading clinics when it comes to treating patients who have phobias or anxieties. We offer the best in dental treatment in a specially designed friendly and welcoming environment.

If you are nervous about dental treatment or would like to have dental sedation when you are being treated, then call or contact us today. We will take very good care of you. No matter what your fear or phobia we will be here to help you.

Leading Clinic Dealing With Dental Phobia & Anxiety

Are you scared or anxious about getting treatment at the dentist?

Have you put off going to the dentist because of your fears?

Are you worried or scared about it being sore or scared of needles?

Are you embarrassed about your teeth?

Then DO NOT WORRY. We can help you with your dental fears and treat you with dental sedation or one of our other techniques that we use to treat nervous patients. 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then get in touch today for a no pain and no fear consultation with our expert phobia and dental anxiety dentist Dr Mike Gow.

Can conscious sedation help you to overcome your dental anxiety?

Did you know that conscious sedation is widely used as a means of reducing anxiety during dental sedation Glasgow procedures? ‘Sedation’ is essentially ‘a technique in which the use of a drug or drugs produces a state of depression of the central nervous system’ (Wylie Report 1978). Verbal contact is maintained throughout the sedation and although with intravenous and oral sedation there is often some amnesia, the patient is always ‘conscious’. There are 3 main types of conscious sedation: INHALATION, ORAL and INTRAVENOUS. Watch a video about Inhalation Sedation. The Berkeley Clinic's own award winning dentist Dr Mike Gow explains what are the key benefits of Inhalation Sedation. 

What is Inhalation Sedation or Nitrous Oxide / Laughing gas?

Nitrous Oxide is a colourless and odourless gas which, (in combination with oxygen), can be used to produce light sedation when inhaled via a nasal hood/mask. As it is fast, safe and is easily and quickly reversible, it is often the preferred sedation technique with children, in emergency situations, and for quick, basic dental procedures.

What is Intravenous Sedation?

Intravenous (IV) sedation is a reliable and effective means of producing more profound sedation with a rapid onset of action. Midazolam is the most common drug used. IV sedation is ideal for longer or more difficult dental procedures e.g. extractions, or multiple restorations. Amnesia is quite common with IV sedation; however, some patients are able to recall some of their treatment, allowing them to build positive memories and experiences of dental treatment. 

What is Oral Sedation?

With oral sedation, the sedative is taken either in liquid or tablet form.

Tablet- A tablet (often diazepam or tempazepam) taken one hour prior to the dental visit can take the edge off any anxiety. Some people also find it beneficial to take a tablet the night before their appointment to help them sleep.

Liquid- Midazolam is a commonly used oral sedative. As it is a liquid, it can be mixed with orange juice and drunk at your appointment. The sedative will usually take effect within about twenty minutes.

Midazolam for oral sedation is used “off licence” in the UK. This means that it was not tested by the company for this specific use before it was released for use, as an intravenous sedative. Midazolam has been safely used orally for many years now, and has been shown to be better than other drugs we could use.



On the day of your appointment:

  1. DO bring a responsible adult

  2. DO continue to take any prescribed medicines

  3. DO give the staff details of any change to your medical history

  4. DO wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable flat shoes

  5. AVOID drinking any alcohol

  6. AVOID wearing nail varnish

  7. AVOID bringing children with you

  8. AVOID having a heavy meal before your appointment – it is important however that you do have something light and sugary about an hour or so before your appointment.

  9. After your appointment (and until the following day):

  10. REST- Put your feet up, perhaps even have a nap.

  11. Have a responsible adult to look after you for 12 hours

  12. Take any medicines you have been given

  13. AVOID driving any vehicle

  14. AVOID using any domestic appliances

  15. AVOID signing any important documents

  16. AVOID drinking any alcohol

  17. Patients who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant must inform their dentist in advance of their appointment.

  18. Please contact the clinic if you have any enquiries before or after your sedation and dental treatment.

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