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Teeth Straightening Clinic In Glasgow

Teeth Straightening Options at The Berkeley Clinic

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Are You Looking for That Picture Perfect Smile with Teeth Straightening for Adults and Teens?

At The Berkeley Clinic, we have a variety of teeth straightening options to help you gain the smile of your dreams. Whether your teeth have become crooked or crowded over time or you simply want to eliminate gaps, we can align your teeth in whichever way is best suited to your needs and lifestyle. Our pain-free teeth straightening options can transform your smile and your life in a matter of weeks.     

Orthodontics Explained: A Simple Guide to a Perfect Smile with Teeth Straightening Treatment

  • Are your teeth crowded or crooked?
  • Do you want to get rid of gaps between your teeth?
  • Are your teeth squint?
  • Do you want to show off your smile but are too self-conscious about your teeth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and would like to find out more about teeth straightening Glasgow, then please continue reading to find out what we can do to transform your smile.

What Teeth Straightening Problems Can Your Award Winning Clinic Help Me With?

There are many orthodontic issues that we can help you with at the Berkeley Clinic. We provide everything from teeth straightening Glasgow to issues with bite, including;

  • Tooth over-crowding
  • Improper spacing
  • Over bite
  • Under bite – when your lower teeth are positioned in front of your upper teeth
  • Deep bite – when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth

What Teeth Straightening Options Does the Berkeley Clinic Have for Me?

The teeth straightening Glasgow is also referred to as orthodontics and is typically carried out using braces. The time it takes to complete teeth straightening treatment is dependent on the complexity of how crooked your teeth are. Achieving straight teeth in Glasgow can usually take anywhere between 6 months-3 years.

As well as this, we also provide teeth straightening options for adults and teens who don’t want it to be obvious that they have braces. Keep reading to find out more about Invisalign clear braces. At The Berkeley Clinic we also offer other forms of clear brace systems: ClearCorrect & 4D Clear Aligners.

At The Berkeley Clinic, we appreciate that every person is unique and therefore every patient requires a unique solution and not a one size fits all approach to teeth straightening Glasgow. That is why we don’t prescribe a general solution for teeth straightening problems. This is why we take our time to carefully evaluate what works best for each individual who is looking for teeth straightening for adults or teens.

How Much Does Teeth Straightening Treatment Cost?

Every case is different, however, we have teeth straightening options from as little as £990. To find out more and get an exact estimate of costs book your consultation today.

So, what options do I have for straight teeth Glasgow?

  • Invisalign clear aligners
  • 4D clear braces
  • ClearCorrect clear braces
  • Fixed metal or ceramic braces



To find out more about how these teeth straightening options work, watch the following videos.

Click here for more information on dental braces for adults.


Why not take a look at some of our patient’s feedback and before and after photos to see the results for yourself!


Invisalign straight teeth

Invisalign appealed to me because it was the less invasive approach to straightening my teeth. My friends never even noticed them until I told them I was wearing them! “ Lauren B

Invisalign straight teeth

It has been such a rewarding journey and I am more than happy to recommend the Berkeley team” Claire C


Before and after Invisalign Glasgow treatment.


"Super happy my results and surprised at how quickly my teeth started to straighten out" Chelsea

Why should I choose the Berkeley Clinic as my teeth straightening clinic in Glasgow?

  • We use the most advanced techniques so we can produce the best results

  • We care about you and will offer you a service that is suited to your needs and lifestyle

  • We have a variety of options suitable for all ages

  • As an award-winning dental and teeth straightening clinic in Glasgow, our dedicated team undertake every step of the treatment with the utmost care, expertise and attention to detail

  • Over 90% of our patients agree that our teeth straightening treatments are pain-free

  • We are so confident in what we can do for you and your smile that we are offering free teeth whitening with your Invisalign treatment.

Why should you trust our teeth straightening clinic in Glasgow to perfect your smile?

Just have a look at some of our patient testimonials and see what you could experience if you choose Invisalign treatment at The Berkeley Clinic, teeth straightening clinic in Glasgow.

Highly rated teeth straightening Glasgow clinic.


"I had been conscious of the gap between my front teeth for a long time. Now I can't stop smiling”  
Anne, Bothwell

"I can't believe how quickly I was able to have straighter teeth with Invisalign, and nobody noticed that I was wearing braces "
 Julia, Hamilton

"My teeth had been crooked for years, now they are straight and I can smile again.  The best thing is nobody knew I even had braces in !”
Robert, Glasgow

“At last, I don't need to hide my smile anymore. Thanks to the treatment my teeth no longer look uneven and I now feel so much more confident"
Jane, Cumbernauld

Get pain free straight teeth in as little as 12 weeks*


The Benefits of Clear Braces

clear braces glasgow

There are so many benefits of having a straight, healthy smile. One of our Glasgow patients recommends clear braces as the best way to achieve your perfect smile, it really does work:

“At last, I don't need to hide my smile anymore. Thanks to the treatment my teeth no longer look uneven and I now feel so much more confident"

Other benefits of clear braces are: 

  • Straight teeth – the end goal

  • Suitable at any age

  • Proven track record of patients with straightened teeth

  • Less chance of gum problems than with traditional braces

  • A comfortable fit as they are shaped to you

  • They can be removed when you are eating and drinking

  • Simple deign makes them easier to clean

  • Clear design

  • No metal

  • No wires

  • No fixed brackets

Why Choose Clear Braces in Glasgow?

Improve your smile with Invisalign Glasgow clear braces.


Our clear brace systems straighten crowded or gaping teeth. Why choose a traditional method when you can fix your teeth in a matter of months with our clear braces? Invisalign, 4D clear braces and ClearCorrect clear braces are at the forefront of oral health innovation. Our case studies show the results:

 “"I can't believe how quickly I was able to have straighter teeth with Invisalign, and nobody noticed that I was wearing braces "

These systems are a modern solution to straighten your teeth with no wires or brackets required. They are completely different from traditional orthodontic treatment.

Our clear braces come in different sets of clear removable aligners that will straighten out your teeth one by one. Long gone are the days that you were worried about the appearance of your teeth, you will feel more confident about your mouth after clear brace treatment and won’t be able to stop smiling. 

For more information, read through our Invisalign Glasgow information page.

Contact us today to find the perfect teeth straightening treatment to suit your lifestyle.



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