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Are you looking for the best private dentist in Glasgow? The Berkeley Clinic has been awarded over 20 prestigious industry-leading awards including 'Best Private Practice UK', 'Best New Practice' and 'Practice of the Year North' awards in the Private Dentistry Awards 2013 ceremony. In 2018 the practice received two awards. In 2015 the practice received 3 dental awards. In 2014 and 2013 the Berkeley Clinic has received four awards for the 'Best Treatment of Nervous Patients' at Private Dentistry and Scottish Dentistry Awards.

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The Berkeley Clinic is a multi-award winning centre for restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the UK. David Houston (BDS), chairman of the Private Dentistry Awards, said: ‘The Berkeley Clinic epitomises everything that the modern 21st-century dental surgery should aspire to. They have created a magnificent clinical facility that combines cutting-edge design with patient comfort and operational efficiency. Patient-centred care is at the core of their philosophy.

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Ultra-modern technology is seamlessly incorporated into all aspects of the practice but never to the exclusion of the human touch or personal interaction. Rarely has the judging panel been so universal in its praise of a single practice. This entrant has managed to combine the best of so many aspects of what constitutes an inspiring practice, from clinical excellence to caring for their fellow man through treatments and charitable works, to motivate their staff and the education of their peers – it is impossible not to be in awe of their remarkable achievements’.

Award-winning Berkeley Clinic

Scotland Dental Awards 2018

Dentist of the Year / Dr Mike Gow 

Scottish Beauty Industry Awards 2018

Cosmetic Clinic of the Year

The Dental Awards 2015

Dentist of the Year/ Highly Commended - Dr Mike Gow

Team of the Year/ Commended 

Private Dentistry Awards, 2014

Best Treatment of Nervous Patients.

Dentistry Scotland Awards, 2014

Best Treatment of Nervous Patients.

The Dentistry Awards, 2013

Practice of the Year UK,

Practice of the Year Scotland. 

The Private Dentistry Awards, 2013

Private Practice of the Year UK,

Best Treatment of Nervous Patients,

Best New Practice,

Practice of the Year (North).

Dentistry Scotland Awards, 2013

Best Scheme for Treatment of Nervous Patients.


The Dental Awards, 2012 

Dentist of the Year (North) - Dr Mike Gow

The Dentistry Awards, 2012

Best Practice Scotland

Dentistry Scotland, 2012

Best Community or Charity Project

The INNA Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards, 2012

Cosmetic Dentist of the Year

Dentistry Scotland Awards, 2011

Best Community or Charity Project 

The Dentistry Awards, 2011

Best Young Dentist Scotland

The Private Dentistry Awards, 2010

Private Dentist of the Year 

The Dentistry Awards, 2009

Best Young Dentist Scotland 

The Dentistry Awards, 2008

Best Young Dentist – Dr Mike Gow

Every step of the way we are here to listen, help, guide, give advice and when appropriate fix or rebuild broken or non-functional teeth. We continually strive to offer exceptional patient care and the most advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments available. 

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