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Visit The Berkeley Clinic for a cheek filler consultation. We offer safe application of cheek fillers in Glasgow. Our fully trained medical practitioners have the qualifications to apply cheek fillers, giving our patients facial volume.

For a long time, voluminous cheekbones have been a sign of youth and beauty. This is the reason why many women choose to have cheek fillers in Glasgow.

As we age, our cheeks tend to lose volume, this is the reason why many choose facial fillers in Glasgow. Many see a change in their face as the bone density diminishes. The skin also begins to fold creating hollows. When this happens it can be noticeable, adding years on to our appearance. Book Your Free Consultation Today.

Berkeley Clinic Cheek Fillers

In the past doctors would complete surgical cheek augmentation, to add volume to a patient’s cheek. In the past few years alone, the cosmetic industry has changed and doctors can now complete a minimally-invasive cheek filler procedure.

With the addition of non-surgical dermal fillers, no downtime is required and patients can be in and out of the treatment room in less than one hour. The Berkeley Clinic is now running cheek filler consultations which you can book today. The fillers that we use are made with the highest quality and provide volume and definition to the face.

Cheek Fillers in Scotland: The Process

As we have mentioned, application of cheek filler can be fairly quick. Once your consultation with a medical practitioner is complete, cheek augmentation with dermal fillers can be completed. As this is a walk-in, walk-out treatment it can be completed before, during or after your working day.



After Cheek Fillers

The purpose of this treatment is to restore height, definition and fullness to the cheek area. A small amount of swelling may occur after the filler is applied. You may notice that in the first few days after the treatment, the result may look more exaggerated. If this is the case, this swelling will usually settle within the period of a couple of days.

Every patient is different, and as dermal fillers are injected at varying depths to plump the cheek, results can vary from patient to patient. The aim of this treatment is to restore natural volume and fullness instantly.

Once the procedure has settled, cheekbones become more defined, leaving the face looking tighter. For most patients, results can last from 18-24 months or longer.

Cheek Augmentation FAQ

If you have never had any cosmetic treatments prescribed before, then it is advised that you learn as much as you can about the treatment which you have chosen. At Berkeley Clinic, we provide a number of non-surgical and non-invasive treatments.

We can provide cheek augmentation with dermal fillers. The fillers which we use help to reshape the face and contour the cheek.

We are unlike any other cosmetic clinics in Glasgow. At Berkeley Clinic, we believe that less is often more when it comes to aesthetics and that is why our patients are always delighted with their results.

Would you like to find out more about cheek fillers in Glasgow? Find out more about cheek fillers below.  

Am I Suitable for Cheek Fillers?

At Berkeley Clinic, we can help you choose the cosmetic treatment which best suits your needs. This treatment is suitable for any patient who would like to change the size and shape of their cheeks. Many of our patients want a fuller face and this treatment is most suitable for those who want to try a non-surgical treatment. Dermal fillers in Glasgow can also be applied to improve the balance of their face.

How long do the results last?

At The Berkeley Clinic, we only use quality, long lasting treatments. Our patients have received excellent results with our cheek fillers as they have restored contour and volume in the cheeks. Every patient is different, however, cheek fillers can last for approximately 18-24 months.

Are Cheek Fillers Uncomfortable?

It is possible that you may feel slight discomfort during this treatment. Our medical practitioners are fully trained and will aim to make this treatment as comfortable as possible. Any mild bruising will usually resolve after a week

The Results

Our patients are always delighted with their results. Cheek fillers are known to improve the shape of the face, leaving patients with a more youthful appearance. As the procedure is non-surgical, the results can have been seen immediately. If you need to return to work, make-up may be applied following the treatment.

Side Effects From The Treatment

It is uncommon to receive side effects when cheek fillers are applied. As this treatment is incredibly mild, only slight redness, mild bruising or swelling should occur.

Who cannot have non-surgical treatments?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid treatment during this time. If you have any diseases, involving nerve damage or muscle weakness, this type of treatment is not recommended.

Our Cheek Fillers Clinic

If you are looking for the best cheek fillers in Scotland, visit our Glasgow clinic. At the Berkeley Clinic, you can be sure that you are in safe hands because we are committed to providing the highest quality of expertise, exceptional patient experience, and care. Our team can offer you the most advanced dental, beauty and medical treatments at the comfortable and relaxing environment. 

Book Your Cheek Fillers Consultation

World renowned Aesthetics practitioner Catherine Knowles of Face Inc. Ltd provides services within the Berkeley Clinic. Our cheek filler Glasgow clinic offers a number of effective facial aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, which are available to book today.

We have been providing cosmetic treatments for a number of years and now The Berkeley Clinic aesthetic suite offers aesthetics in state of the art surroundings. We are also Health Care Improvement Scotland registered (this is now a legal requirement and you should not go to a clinic that is not registered and approved) - making us one of the best cosmetic clinics in Glasgow.

Free Consultation 

If you would like to book in for a cheek filler Glasgow consultation, contact us now.  We offer the most advanced aesthetic treatments on the market today.  Call or email to book your free consultation normally £99.


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