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Veneers In Glasgow

Stronger Whiter & Brighter Smile

Do you have a chipped or cracked tooth? Are looking to close a gap between your teeth? Would you like to have a healthy, natural looking or a Hollywood bright smile? The Berkeley Clinic care team can offer you all of that and promise a long lasting result. Want to know how? Simply click on the video below.

What is a veneer?

A veneer is a new front surface for a tooth, custom made from porcelain or ceramic. Ceramic veneers can be used in a variety of situations. For example, to align crowded or crooked teeth, close gaps or lighten the tooth colour. 

Veneers are a fantastic solution for anyone who has noticeable damage to their teeth. Sometimes teeth can be worn down from acids in food and drink. This causes the teeth to look thin and therefore appear dark in colour. Other times teeth can even look transparent. If you have similar problems then veneers may be the solution you have been waiting for.

What are the main advantages of having veneers?

Veneers can make your teeth look natural and healthy. The strength of veneers rivals that of natural teeth and their appearance is visibly advantageous to your own smile. Dental veneers can improve the position, shape and colour of your teeth. Here, at the Berkeley Clinic, we can provide you with a wide range of veneer colour shades. So, no matter how many veneers you would like to get we can assure you that you will get the best colour match available.

Preconceptions about veneers

Many people are put off by veneers as it is widely understood you have to shave down a large portion of your natural teeth in order to have the new tooth attached. The Berkeley Clinic offer innovative solutions to combat this common deterrent. The veneers are expertly moulded by the in house technician so that they can be attached to your natural teeth. This method means “you don’t have to damage any of the underlying teeth structure”. 

How long does it usually take to get a veneer?

It can take up to two weeks and require at least 2 visits to have the veneers fitted. Why does it take so long? Firstly dentists take your dental impressions, match your teeth shade, prepare the tooth and then get them sent to the laboratory. Once the veneer has been made by the dental technician it is then sent back to the dentist and fitted at your next appointment. Isn’t that frustrating? Would you wait for two weeks if you knew that the Berkeley Clinic team can make and fit your veneers in just one visit? We didn’t think. So why is our clinical team different and how we can help you?

How long does it take to get veneers placed at the Berkeley Clinic?

In the majority of cases, you can get your teeth veneers prepared and fitted in a single visit. Why can we do it so fast? Our clinical team is working with an in-house laboratory partner which means that we don’t need to take any dental impressions and send them away. All of the dental work is done on the same day and is specifically made to fit your teeth to perfection.

During your appointment, your teeth are scanned with the newest computerised CadCam technology and the results are assessed by both your dentist and dental technician. Dental technician then prepares veneers to specifically suit your own teeth and ensures that the veneer shade matches the rest of your natural teeth. After that, your dentist will fit your veneers and will make sure you are happy with the result. Now all you need to do is keep smiling!

Are there any alternatives to porcelain and ceramic veneers?

The alternative to a veneer is either a crown or a composite filling. Dental crowns help to strengthen your teeth in a case of root canal treatment, if it is broken, decayed or have been weakened by a large filling. Composite fillings wear out over time and can stain.

If you are looking for a long term solution that would strengthen your teeth and make them look amazing, veneers are the best option. Our clinical team will help you to make a right choice for your situation and achieve the most desired result. Call our care team today and register for a consultation on 0141 564 1900.

The Benefits of the Berkeley Clinic

Choosing the Berkeley Clinic allows for a more personal experience with your dental technicians. Usually the process of veneer application takes up to several weeks. Also there are usually many different people involved in making your veneers. You won’t have the opportunity to meet everyone involved and they have no connection with you. This could result in delays. If some alterations are required then the product will be sent back to be resolved. The Berkeley Clinic have an in house technician who scans your teeth with advanced technology. The technician then constructs the veneers during your appointment and is present for the fitting. Therefore you are able to chat to the technician regarding the look you want to achieve. Furthermore, if you aren’t happy or need an alteration the technician will do so there and then. The technician is with you throughout every step of the journey.

Why choose the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow?

Our dentists are known for their skills in using veneers to make beautiful and healthy smiles. We work with the world's leading dental technicians including those used for extreme makeovers and 10 years younger.

The award-winning Berkeley Clinic provides ceramic or porcelain veneers to close teeth gaps, repair chipped and broken teeth, strengthen and lighten your smile.

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Check out another one of our patients video testimonials to find out more about what veneers could do for you! 


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